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10+ Unknown Facts About June 11

The 11th of June is referred to for its Yarn Bombing Day & Corn On The Cob Day. We’ve reached Day 162 in the calendar year, and there are 203 days left to go before we enter the beginning of the year. Every person born on the 11th of June is the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Want to learn more interesting information or facts about June 11?

Are you aware that June 11 is an important date for you? If so, you’re not the only one! This day has been important throughout the history of humanity. It’s a day of fascinating discoveries, new movie releases and more.

Did you not know that on this day on the 22nd of October, 1982, ET The Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg was released? It was the top-grossing movie ever and was in this position for 11 years.

Continue reading to learn fascinating information about June 11th’s history of humanity! What happened on June 11th are…

Historical Facts About June 11

Historical Facts About June 11

The people born on June 11 are typically dreamers and not focused. They tend to “feel” rather than “know” what to do in the direction of making their dreams become a reality. They have faith in their capabilities and work hard to make their goals become a reality.

Find out more facts about June 11…

  1. In 2010 Africa hosted Africa’s FIFA World Cup for the first time.
  2. The 19th world association football cup opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. This historic tournament was in Spain.
  3. 1959 Christopher Cockerell first presented the hovercraft for the first time in 1959.
  4. The amphibious air cushion vehicle first traversed the English Channel just weeks after Cockerell showed off his prototype, the SR.N1. Its scheduled “flights” between Dover (UK) and Calais (France) were cancelled in the year 2000.
  5. 1954 More than 80 persons were killed during the Le Man’s car race disaster. Le Man’s car race disaster
  6. In one of the worst car racing incidents, Pierre Levegh’s Mercedes was thrown into a sea of spectators and then burst into flames.
  7. 1938 China began the Yellow River flood in 1938. Yellow River flood
  8. As Steven Dutch, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, called “the world’s largest act of environmental warfare in history”, The Chinese government erected the flood to stop invading Japanese forces.
  9. 1817 The very first model of the bicycle is shown
  10. With his innovative Laufmaschine, also known as Draisine, a two-wheeler with no pedals, German creator Karl Drais completed a 14-kilometre test run in just under an hour. It was an alternative to transport with horses.
  11. Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in front of the school’s entrance in protest, denying the entry of two African American students.
  12. The incident took place in The Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama. Wallace’s attempts to keep segregation in his university brought him into the national spotlight when President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11111. The order was a catalyst for Wallace’s National Guard, which forced Wallace to quit.
  13. King Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon.
  14. His marriage to Catherine didn’t result in a male heir the king Anne Boleyn enthralled henry. When pope Clement VII refused to grant a divorce from Catherine, King Henry was determined to take over the church. That set off a series of events that ultimately caused England’s separation from the Catholic Church.

Key Moments That Took Place On June 11th

Key Moments That Took Place On June 11th
  1. 1184: As per the calculations of Greek Mathematician Eratosthenes Troy city Troy was destroyed and sacked at the time of the Trojan War
  2. 1429 1429: 1429: The Battle of Jargeau under the Hundred Years’ War was fought.
  3. 1572. English Dramatist Ben Jonson was born.
  4. 1578: Sir Humphrey Gilbert was granted a patent by England to explore and colonize North America
  5. 1742 The “Franklin Stove” was developed by Benjamin Franklin
  6. 1770 1770: the Great Barrier Reef in Australia was discovered by British James Cook, an explorer from the British Isles. James Cook
  7. 1825 The first linchpin of Fort Hamilton was laid in New York
  8. 1892: The “Limelight Department was among the first film studios around the world and was founded in Australia by The Salvation Army
  9. 1921: Brazil adopted the Women’s Suffrage
  10. 1951 Mozambique was made an overseas province within Portugal
  11. 1959: English actor and comedian Hugh Laurie was born. He was most famous for his role as the lead character in the TV show ‘House’.
  12. 1970: Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage was born
  13. 1970 Libya began celebrating their very first American Evacuation Day.
  14. 1979. US film director, actor and actress John Wayne died. His films were box-office successes, and he was the winner of an Academy Award
  15. 1987 Margaret Thatcher became the first British PM, in the span of 160 years, to be elected to the third term in a row.
  16. 2002 2003: The US Congress recognized Antonio Meucci as the first phone’s inventor.
  17. 2014. Gilles Segal, the Romanian-French actor and playwright, has died.

Births On This Day – 11 June

1. 1956 Joe Montana

American footballer

2. 1933 Gene Wilder

American actor

3. 1910 Jacques Cousteau

French biologist who is also an author and inventor co-inventor of the aqua-lung

4. 1864 Richard Strauss

German conductor, composer

5. 1572 Ben Jonson

English writer

Deaths On This Day – 11 June

1. 1979 John Wayne

American actor, singer, director, producer

2. 1974 Julius Evola

Italian philosopher

3. 1936 Robert E. Howard

American author

4. 1934 Lev Vygotsky

Russian psychologist

5. 1859 Klemens von Metternich

German-Austrian politician 1st State Chancellor of the Austrian Empire

Wrapping Up:

June 11 is an anniversary of the 162nd date (and 163rd in the year of leaps) under the Gregorian calendar. The day is marked by some significant historical events in the world.

We hope you enjoy reading these amazing facts from the past regarding June 11. For more interesting facts, keep an eye out. In the meantime, Happy Learning!!

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