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Top 10 Facts About Ramadan

Ramadan (Arabic: Ramadan, romanized: Ramadan also known as Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world as a month for fasting (sawm) as well as prayer, reflection, and the community.

Get to know more Amazing facts about Ramadan below!

1. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

The five principles of Islam are fundamental practices that Muslims should adhere to.

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2. Ramadan is observed in September, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.

Then, it lasts for the whole month.

3. During Ramadan, Muslims fast.

Muslims do not drink or eat anything during daylight hours. This is known as fasting.

The average age for children is 14 years old. They reach 14 years old.

Not all Muslims are required to fast. For instance, if you’re sick, pregnant, or elderly, you don’t have to fast. Fasting should only be done if you believe you can do so safely.

4. The dates of Ramadan vary each year.

This is because the Islamic calendar is dependent on the moon cycle.

In 2022, Ramadan will begin in the UK on the evening of the 2nd of April and will conclude on the 1st of May, Sunday.

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5. Muslims must eat an entire meal before and after every day of fasting.

Muslims can eat a meal before dawn, known as Suhoor, which translates to ‘of dawn.’ They then eat an evening meal called Iftar, which refers to fast-breaking.

6. The close of Ramadan is celebrated by an elaborate celebration known as Eid of ul-Fitr.’

In Eid, ul-Fitr Muslims see their family members, exchange gifts, and offer thanksgiving to their God, Allah.

7. It was believed that fasting was a good idea during Ramadan was introduced in 624 CE.

It occurred two years following the beginning of the Islamic Calendar.

It was believed that the Prophet Muhammad and his disciples would observe a fast to show gratitude to God, as do Muslims practice today.

8. Vimto sales grow during Ramadan.

Although it may not be a tradition, many British Muslims enjoy a glass of Vimto after breaking their fast so that the sales of Vimto rise during Ramadan.

Thirty-five million bottles of Vimto are also sold across the Middle East each year, with a significant portion of sales taking place during Ramadan.

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9. Ramadan is the month when the Qur’an came to be revealed for the first time by Prophet Muhammad.

It is believed that the Qur’an can be described as the Islamic sacred book. The night on which was the night that Qur’an was revealed was one of the nights called Lailut ul-Qadr (‘The Night of Power’).

10. In Ramadan, it is possible to greet people in the form of “Ramadan Mubarak.”

“Ramadan Mubarak” means “have a blessed Ramadan.”

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