Facts About Tornadoes

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Facts About Tornadoes

  1. A tornado is a funnel-shaped, rotating cloud that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground with wind gusts reaching 300 mph.
  2. Tornadoes can cause damage up to 50 miles in length and width.
  3. Once on land, tornadoes can be accompanied by tropical storms or hurricanes. It is vital to prepare for a tornado. Make sure your pet has a plan in place.
  4. Rotating thunderstorms are the best predictors for tornado activity.
  5. Tornadoes may form when a warm front meets a cold front. This can create a thunderstorm that can then produce one or more tornadoes.
  6. Cyclones and twisters tend to move from the southwest to the northeast but can travel in the opposite direction for brief periods. A tornado can also reverse if winds strike it from the eye.

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  1. Most funnel clouds last for less than 10 minutes, while others last only a few seconds. Cyclones can sometimes last more than an hour, but this is rare.
  2. A tornado can appear almost transparent until debris and dust are collected, or a cloud is formed within the funnel.
  3. Tornado Alley is a flat area that runs from Texas to North Dakota and is where tornadoes are most common. This area is known for being a hotspot of tornadoes. It’s where the dry polar air of Canada meets the warm, moist tropical air of the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. Tornadoes most often occur between 3 and 9 pm.
  2. Peak tornado activity in the southern states is March through May. In the northernmost states, peak tornado activity occurs from late June through August.
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