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Fedex Small Business Grant 2022 Deadline

Small-scale business owners can be a financial burden. It requires a lot of effort and often a bit of outside assistance to get it going. It is good to know that many small business grants such as FedEx business loans for small businesses and business loans are readily available to small-scale business owners. One of the most popular programs from their grants is the Small Business Loan. 

The FedEx Small Business Grant is a prize for entrepreneurial and committed small businesses across the state who are looking to take their company into the future. In this year’s edition, the grant competition will award $120,500 in grant money to 10, U.S. small businesses. As per the site, prizes will be according to the following.

FedEx Small Business Grant Prize Money

Through our partnership with the nation through our national partnership, the top 100 finalists from the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest can access SCORE. SCORE network of small-business mentors. SCORE mentors are accessible to entrepreneurs and business owners at all stages of their business and offer their knowledge.

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A lot of small-scale business owners aren’t aware of the many opportunities to get both private and public funding. Grants are ideal since they are free as you do not need to repay any of the money you receive from the state, federal, or private businesses in their grant programs.

While the majority of government grants are subject to strict eligibility requirements There are a variety of business grants available to small businesses which serve the brand’s branding and innovation goals. There is the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is one grant program worth a look at.

The statistics show that small-scale businesses that receive more than three hours of mentorship report higher revenues and improved business growth. SCORE is home to more than 10,000 mentors who are committed to helping you succeed.

Every year FedEx offers cash prizes as well as business services and prizes to 12 US businesses. In 2021, which was the ninth year of the contest, FedEx awarded prize packages totaling $250,000, which were broken down into the following categories:

PrizesNo. Of WinnersCash Prizes MoneyPrize For Services
Grand Prize1$50,000$7,500
Silver Prize1$30,000$5,000
Bronze Prize8$15,000$1,000

Eligibility to get Small Business Grant

  • The business must be for-profit.
  • Need to have fewer than 99 employees
  • Operational for at least six months

Applicants should go to to participate. There, you will need to complete your contact information and then write a short description of your business. Do not forget to complete your application for the FedEx small business grants by the deadline of 2022.

It is also necessary to upload four images of your business, including the logo.

It’s not required to submit a video, however, participants are permitted to upload a 09-second video in order to demonstrate their case!

Then there’s an opportunity to vote. Anyone is able to cast a vote for the small-scale cattle farmers. The winners will be announced in April every year.

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FedEx Small Business Grants Support

This grant has been intended to provide encouragement and provide help small-sized companies that are based inside the United States. In order to qualify as an eligible participant in the grant competition, The Official Rules state that your company must

  • Start a small, for-profit firm with no more than 99 employees
  • Operational for at least six months
  • You require shipping services
  • You must have at least a nine-digit FedEx delivery account code
  • Be in good standing, which includes not being in bankruptcy protection, or possessing attachments or court liens in force.

How to Apply for FedEx Small Business Grant?

Every year it is each year, the FedEx Small Business Grants have given a number of small businesses the additional assistance they require to succeed. If you decide to submit an application for this wonderful award, be sure to apply for everything that is offered (even if it’s not mandatory).

This will result in more views and votes on your page. If you are using social media, and ask users to vote for your business You will get more eyes at your company which could be enough to make you a winner!

This FedEx Small Business Grant is an award that is judged mostly by the general public as well as FedEx officials. In contrast to other scholarship programs that require lots of complex details about the background and criteria, the FedEx scholarship program is based on various factors, including A.

Apply for the FedEx Small Business Grant

The contest for the award of a scholarship is typically announced in the first quarter of each year. It is only for three weeks. Candidates will be directed go to the contest’s website to fill in their details, including:

  • Your name, your company’s address web address, your company’s name, and FedEx delivery account numbers
  • A brief description of your business
  • Four photographs of your company, your products, along with your logo
  • A short, optional “Elevator Pitch” video

For you to get an understanding of the speed at which the contest is progressing in 2022, the FedEx small-business grant application period started on February 16 and ended on March 9, 2022. The public vote was only two weeks and the winners were announced on the 10th of May. The entire process was less than three months from beginning to end.

To apply for the FedEx Small Business Grants or to have additional questions, visit The site has all the necessary information needed to begin your application including previous winners’ biographies and frequently asked questions and any other information you may need to begin. You could be just two clicks away from getting a great donation from FedEx!

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What is the process by which FedEx Small Business Grant Award Winners are Selected?

These are the criteria that determine the recipients of the FedEx Small Business Grant Award are chosen.
After the contest’s entry period public is invited to visit the contest’s page and cast their votes to limit the number of entries usually comprised of thousands of entries – down to the top 100 for

  • How convincing, clear, and engaging the candidate’s video and the essay were!
  • How much social media presence is required for the business to establish an identity voice
  • How easy is the site of the company to navigate?
  • The degree of originality or innovation
  • The degree of sustainability or the green aspects of the business
  • A positive influence on the local community
  • Brand connection with FedEx brand alignment FedEx brand
  • The ability of business owners to serve as an ambassador for FedEx as well as a mentor to other owners of small businesses.

It is expected that the FedEx jury will choose twelve winners from the Small Business Grant FedEx Contest to be followed by the winner of the grand prize and the runner-up.

A winner from the top 10 from the 3rd prize will be picked to be the winner in the Entrepreneur Choice Awards.

This award is presented to FedEx’s FedEx Entrepreneurs’ Advisory Board which is made up of previous FedEx Small Business Fellows.

FedEx Small Business Grant Offers up to $50,000

Indie booksellers have the opportunity to be the winner of the FedEx(r) scholarship of $15,000, $30,000, or $50,000 in the course of the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest that offers a number of cash prizes to 10 winners in 2022.

The competition has three prizes for this season: Small Business wins the major award of US $50,000, plus US $7,500 worth of the FedEx Office(r) Print and Business Services.

Second Company Wins Award for Second Place, plus $5k in Printing and Business Services from FedEx Office.

The 10 winners will be awarded the third prize of $15,000 and 1,000 dollars in exchange for FedEx Office printing and business services.

Participation provides an opportunity to promote your business and build relationships with your local community.

The deadline for registration for the competition is March 9th. be accepted up to the 9th of March. Participate:

  • Create a brief profile that highlights your business’s uniqueness and services.
  • Upload your logo and images that show the character of your business.
  • Make a video of a minute about the uniqueness of your business.
  • Post your message and remind your followers that they can vote from March 10th until March 24th.

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Recipient and Administrator of The FedEx Small Business Grant

Grant winners will be notified by email and posted on the FedEx Grant Awards page at Although FedEx provides guidance and mentoring on how to make use of its award in-kind to print and other small-business center facilities, you’re in charge of utilizing the cash grant that comes with the small-sized businesses in it to the greatest advantage.

Entrepreneurs may decide to expand their businesses to new markets in the international or national market. Others, such as Access Trax, the 2020 contest winner, took advantage of the prize money provided from the FedEx Loan Program, in addition to web analytics and mentorship, to develop an online marketing plan to improve the accessibility of online shoppers.

In deciding how you will use your scholarship, you should consider the necessity of an effective small business accounting software to assist you in efficiently managing and tracking your cash and non-cash earnings.

Taxes could have an impact on business service awards in addition to other accounting concerns relating to private grants or intercompany awards.


Booksellers can get more information regarding how to participate in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest here. In the absence of the 2022 contest, ABA members can take advantage of the daily FedEx discounts provided by PartnerShip which is a shipping solution business.

As a business-services Partner to the American Booksellers Association, PartnerShip helps bookshops that are members of the ABA save money on products they mail and receive via the ABA mailing program.

Through the ABA shipping program bookshops can save as much as 50 percent off shipping charges from FedEx. There aren’t any costs and there are no minimum shipping charges to join the program.

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