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Four Letter Words With O | Win Every Word Game!!

The truth is that I’m somewhat of a language expert. I like playing funky word games like Wordle and Scrabble instead of playing FPS or racing games. However, to each their own, isn’t it? If you’ve been playing Scrabble with your friends and you’re wondering which four letter words with O can earn more points, do not fret! I’m here to help you out of this!

Wordle has been a major success in recent times, and demand for all sorts of five-letter words has increased dramatically. This has led many to return to games such as Scrabble.

While Wordle has five words, Scrabble, the original word game that we learned to play in our youth, isn’t bound by any limitation. It is possible to score points by using shorter words when your vocabulary is large enough!

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Four Letter Words Starting With O

  • Four Letter Words Beginning with O that you need to Know To Ace Wordle, Scrabble, Etc!
    • Oafs
    • Oars
    • Oath
    • Oboe
    • Odin
    • Oats
    • Obit
    • Odds
    • Obol
    • Odea
    • Odor
    • Ogle
    • Ogre
    • Oink
    • Okra
    • Oleo
    • Omen
    • Oner

Four letter words With O You Must to Know To Ace Wordle, Scrabble, Etc!

Do you need to go to the dictionary and begin to chuckle at the words left, right, and center? Well, no. Not really! Finding the correct number of words with the correct length and that begin with the alphabet you want to use can be quite a task. Therefore, let’s look over this article to see all four letters beginning with the letter O and understand what they refer to!

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Oafs is a plural term used to describe anyone who is clumsy, dumb, or a slackton. It can also be used as a synonym for people who tend to stumble through an effort or task or for a lazy person who lacks hygiene standards.


Oars is a plural word for short poles with an extended blade to transport a vessel across the water. It can also be used as a synonym for a mechanical device with evenly-shaped blades that spin around a shaft that pushes against water or air. It is technically the paddle, and it can be used in conjunction with.


An Oath is a sacred vow to make the promise of giving testimony. In observance of the religious, especially in Christianity, the priest will make you swear to the Bible. Oaths are also required when taking on positions of responsibility, and those who swear by swearing oaths must keep them. Doctors, politicians, witnesses, etc., are among the most frequent people who swear vows.


The Oboe is an equivalent of a flute musical instrument. It is typically made of wood, but it can also be constructed of plastic and resin. Oboe is a highly technical instrument extremely challenging to learn.


Odin is one of the gods of German in Norse mythology. Of all the four letters that begin in O, Odin sounds the strongest and most intimidating because of its roots. Odin was the God of poetry, wisdom, and the realm of magic within Norse mythology.


Oats are a kind of edible grain used as an ingredient in cereal. Oats’ remnants can be used to feed cattle as well. Oats can be ground further and used to make flour. If you’re in good health and want to improve your health, you must take a look at eating more oatmeal.

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Obits are an informal method to express an Obituary. An obituary is a memorial ceremony that takes place after the death of someone. It is one of the four-letter words that begin with the letter o, a short form of more lengthy words.


The term “odds” means the likelihood of things occurring or not happening. The odds could be positive or negative. What is the probability of something happening? This is a different way of defining odds. Do aliens come to earth? And what are the chances of that taking place? Make a bet!


Obol is is a currency that dates back to the beginning of Greece and is significant in historical context. Obol is a coin made of silver used in Greece during the height of the Greek civilization. It currently has no significance.


Odeas one of the forms of Odea is the plural of Odeum. It refers to the location where musical performances were held in the past of Greece. Ideas are typically an open space that hosts various shows, from dramas to plays and even music. Yes, it’s an appropriate word from plays to dramas and even Scrabble!


Odor is one of the four letters of the word that begin in O, which everyone knows. Odor means possessing particular smells that are generally unpleasant. Odors typically are used to denote any kind of smell that is unpleasant, but they can also refer to an odor that is associated with something.

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If you’re a beautiful person, you are at ease with looking at people! Ogle means gazing or looking at something (or an individual) maliciously. It’s also known as looking at someone or gazing at an individual.


Ogres enormous mythical creatures or mythical creatures. It is huge and predominantly human-like. Ogres are believed to feed on small children and weak people.


Oink is the grunt that a porcine produces. It is among the most simple four-letter words beginning with O that anyone can remember regardless of the game!


Okra is a flowering plant with seed pods that are eaten in various ways. You may also know the alternative name for the product, “ladies fingers.”


Oleo is a butter substitute often referred to as margarine. Oleo is made by consuming animal fats. However, it is made mostly from vegetable oils instead. Oleo is utilized in cooking and baking to provide flavoring.


Omnis is known to be able to have positive or negative thoughts for the future. Based on the situation, an event or person could be a positive or bad sign.


Oner is a different way to refer to something exclusive and distinctive. Onerous is also used to define one dollar or pounds currency.

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Four Letter Words Beginning with O You Must Be Able To Recognize!

The list of words with four letters that begin with O is quite extensive, and you should look over the table below for an idea of these. If you think you’ll have to learn the words, then don’t hesitate to print the table on paper and begin working on it!

  • ords
  • oaks
  • Oast
  • Obes
  • Oxes
  • Obol
  • Ocas
  • odds
  • Ovum
  • Odes
  • ODL
  • ofay
  • ogee
  • Owls
  • okay
  • Ohms
  • oils
  • oily
  • Okes
  • Okie
  • olio
  • oldie
  • OMER
  • ones
  • only
  • onus
  • onyx
  • Oops
  • ooze
  • OPAH
  • Opal
  • open
  • oper
  • Oa
  • opus
  • oral
  • orbs
  • orca
  • orcs
  • Oreo
  • ores
  • Orgy
  • orle
  • orts
  • oryx
  • orzo
  • Oslo
  • ouch
  • ours
  • outs
  • ouzo
  • oval
  • oven
  • over

Final Words

That’s it, people! This list of four-letter words with the letter O will help you master the next words game that you are playing. We’ll be happy to help if you need help with any of these in the comments section below!

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