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Geography ‘Worldle’ Country Answer Today 131: Map Game June 1, 2022 Solution

These are clues and the answer to Geography ‘Worldle’ Country Answer 131 today, released on June 12022.

Worldle is Another Wordle game. This one requires you to determine the country or the territory of the current day. The default mode in the game will show you the country’s outline and then gives you six options to find the question. If you guess, but it’s not the right answer, you’ll be informed of the distance the country you guess is from the answer as well as the direction to consider.

If you’re looking to take on a harder task, consider another mode available, both of which are available within the game’s settings and can affect the next challenge. The first is to erase the country’s image completely and leave you to make guesses randomly. Your guesses will still tell you the distance to the real country and the direction in which you need to travel to find the answer, which means that you’ll be able to make more informed predictions moving ahead.

Geography ‘Worldle’ Country Answer Today 131

The alternative is to rotate the country’s image, meaning it could appear upside down or upside down on the maps. However, you’ll never know which direction it’s going. This could confuse you, making guessing the country’s location a little more difficult.

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Worldle Geography Game 131 Hints Today – June 1, 2022

We love to give readers some clues about what the future of the country could be before giving you the information to assist those who are stuck.

Here’s how the territory/country appears to be used in The Worldle 131 puzzle today:

Daily Worldle Country 131 – June 1, 2022

We have clues to this year’s Worldle tomorrow (June 1, 2022).

One hint: It’s situated in Africa.

Hint 2: There are two words to refer to the name of the country.

Hint 3: It is recognized as the place Napoleon was banished to following his defeat in 1815.

Tip 4: The first letters of our country are “P.”

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What is the Worldle 131 Country Answer Today? (06/01/22)

Answer to Worldle 131 country today is…


Daily Worldle Country 131 Answer – June 1, 2022

“FIJI”FUN FACT: Charles Darwin visited St Helena in 1836 and described the island to be “a curious little world within itself.”

Congrats if you managed to guess the country of today!

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