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Grants For Small Business In California

Funding may be available for small and local nonprofit organizations who have suffered economic losses from COVID-19.

Check your Eligibility

Board of Supervisors has allocated federal funding for the Small Business Stimulus Grant Program. This includes funding through the American Rescue Plan Act, CARES Act funding, and County General Fund. Grant funding can be used to aid businesses and nonprofit organizations affected by COVID-19.

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  • All funding is subject to approval.
  • If you have previously applied, you will need a reapplication.
  • Non-profits might be eligible to receive additional funding through the Community Enhancement Program.
  • When filling out an application, please use Microsoft Chrome or Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to get the best user experience.

**UPDATE: Thank You for your interest to the small business stimulus grant. District 4 has already received all of its grant funds. It is now sending award notifications. Additional funding will not allow for any other applications.

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How do I get money for my business?

  1. Calculate how much funding you will need.
  2. Self-funding can help you fund your business.
  3. Venture capital can be obtained from investors
  4. You can use crowdfunding to support your company.
  5. Get a small-business loan.
  6. You can use Lender Match to locate lenders offering SBA-guaranteed loans.
  7. SBA investment programs.
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