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Handling Kitchen Appliance Accidents: What to Do If You’re Injured

Kitchen appliance accidents can occur unexpectedly, leading to injuries that require immediate attention. Knowing how to handle such accidents and respond appropriately is essential for minimizing further harm and ensuring proper care. 

According to Beaumont Emergency Hospital, the kitchen serves as the origin for approximately two-thirds of all home fires, leading to devastating consequences. Tragically, each year, around 480 individuals lose their lives due to kitchen fires, while a staggering 350,000 people sustain injuries caused by kitchen knives. The most frequently encountered injuries in such incidents include burns, fires, and lacerations.

This article focuses on providing guidance for individuals who have been injured in kitchen appliance accidents, outlining steps to take in the aftermath of an incident.

Prioritize Your Safety 

In the event of a kitchen appliance accident, the immediate focus should be on safety for yourself and others present. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of promptly turning off the appliance and, if safe, unplugging it to eliminate any potential electrical hazards. 

Assess the surroundings for any other potential dangers, such as hot surfaces, sharp objects, or spilled liquids, and take steps to remove or mitigate these hazards. Prioritizing safety will help individuals minimize the risk of further injuries and create a safer environment for everyone involved.

Assess the Injury

Promptly urging individuals to assess the severity of their injury is vital. Minor injuries, such as superficial cuts or minor burns, can often be managed with basic first aid techniques like cleaning the wound, applying bandages, using cold compresses, or taking over-the-counter pain medication. 

However, it is crucial to stress the importance of seeking immediate medical attention for more severe injuries. Severe burns, deep cuts, fractures, or electric shock injuries require professional medical evaluation and treatment to prevent complications and ensure proper care.

Verywell Health notes that in cases of a steam burn affecting over 9% of an individual’s body or occurring on sensitive areas like the face, it is crucial to contact 911 for immediate transportation to a burn center. Additionally, if any blisters burst or the skin starts to peel, it is advised to contact a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. 

It is equally important to monitor the burn site for signs of infection, such as a fever, discharge, pus, or changes in the appearance of the injury. If an infection is suspected, urgent medical care should be sought.

Document the Accident

Individuals need to meticulously document the kitchen appliance accident by capturing photographs of the appliance, the accident scene, and any visible injuries sustained. Comprehensive documentation serves as vital evidence in potential legal proceedings or insurance claims. 

Clear photographs of the appliance can help identify any defects or malfunctions, while images of the accident scene provide context and support the individual’s account of the incident. Including photographs of injuries ensures a visual record of the harm suffered, strengthening the case and aiding in the evaluation of damages.

Report the Incident

Reporting the incident to the manufacturer or retailer is a crucial step after a kitchen appliance accident. Individuals should promptly notify the relevant parties and provide a detailed account of the incident, including any injuries sustained and medical treatment received. 

By reporting the incident, an official record is created, allowing for a thorough investigation into the product’s safety. This information aids in identifying potential defects, addressing product malfunctions, and implementing necessary measures to prevent similar accidents in the future. 

Prompt reporting also ensures that individuals’ concerns are documented and may be considered in any product liability claims or legal proceedings.

Seek Legal Advice

If the kitchen appliance accident resulted in significant injuries or if there are concerns about a potential product defect, it is crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in product liability cases. 

The Instant Pot burn lawsuit stands as a prominent illustration of legal action taken in response to kitchen appliance incidents. Those who have endured burns or injuries resulting from a malfunctioning Instant Pot have initiated legal recourse against the manufacturer. This legal pursuit aims to seek accountability and compensation for the harm caused by the product.

The lawsuits commonly contend that the product was faulty, leading to burns caused by design flaws, malfunctioning safety features, or insufficient warnings. The plaintiffs pursue compensation for various losses, including medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

Moreover, these legal actions have the additional objective of holding the manufacturer accountable and increasing awareness regarding potential safety issues linked to the use of Instant Pot cookers.

TorHoerman Law notes that an attorney can assess the case, gather evidence, navigate the legal process, and seek compensation on behalf of the injured party. An attorney will also ensure that the plaintiff’s rights are protected, and potential liability is addressed.

Preserve Evidence for Lawsuit

JD Supra notes that in our adversarial justice system, parties involved in a dispute depend on evidence to present their perspectives. Evidence preservation refers to the crucial process of safeguarding the information that could be pertinent to a present or prospective lawsuit, ensuring it remains unaltered, intact, and unharmed. 

Essentially, evidence preservation involves actively preventing the destruction, loss, or tampering of evidence, thus avoiding any potential spoliation issues that could undermine the integrity of the legal proceedings.

If an individual is contemplating legal action following a kitchen appliance accident, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of preserving all relevant evidence. 

This includes retaining medical records documenting injuries, taking photographs of the accident scene and injuries sustained, collecting witness statements, and preserving any communication exchanged with the manufacturer or retailer. 


We hope this article has helped you understand how to handle accidents in the kitchen. If you are injured by a kitchen appliance, seek medical attention and consult an attorney.

Taking the appropriate steps and being proactive can help individuals navigate the aftermath of a kitchen appliance accident, protect their interests, and work towards obtaining the compensation they deserve.

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