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How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

Following the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of the Sharingan. Uchiha attack, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. Then he transplanted them into his arm. Implanting Sharingan is not new since we have seen Kakashi having his eye implanted by a friend of Kakashi’s. Yet, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm too. Because he had a connection to Orochimaru, he will likely carry out the transplantation of Danzo.

Danzo Shimura may be the most hated character in Naruto. Naruto series. He’s a target of resentment for his actions, without a doubt. He was the cause of Yahiko’s demise. This later led Nagato to become evil and then began hunting his fellow Tailed beasts.

He even tried to kill the 3rd Hokage at one time. Also, the nation’s foe Orochimaru was in his care. He was not devoid of criminal acts he could commit with his name. In addition, his Foundation, which was an obscure organization like that of Anbu Black Ops, was also under his control. It was famously known for its brutality and dirty work.

There were many sharing eyes on his arm. But how did danzo get sharingan? We’ll talk about that.

How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

We are all aware that Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai found only in the Uchiha bloodline. The question is, what exactly happened to Danzo obtaining these genes. He first instructed Itachi to slaughter his entire family. Then, after Itachi executed the order with the help of Obito obtained every single Sharingan eye he desired.

He didn’t have to tell them to kill them to satisfy their eyes. He merely took advantage of that chance just like he always has. Maybe it was his intention. It’s Danzo at heart, and everything could be possible for Danzo.

He is the first Hokage Hashirama cell inside his arm. This is how he can maintain and utilize those Sharingan eyes.

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How Many Sharingan Does Danzo Have?

Danzo had ten eyes sharing on his left arm. On the right side of his eye, Danzo transferred Shisui’s sharean. Thus, in all the eyes, he shared 11 eyes.

It is believed that the Uchiha clan members wear two pairs of Sharingan eyes. Kakashi received one Sharingan from a friend. At the close of the series, Kakashi received two Sharingan eyes over a short time.

Did Danzo Have A Sharingan Before Shisui?

Danzo used to have Sharingan before his fight with Shisui. In the battle against Shisui, Danzo used Izanagi and broke free into the Genjutsu. It’s evident in the manga where his left eye goes white, just as it is supposed to when he uses Izanagi.

It was before it was the time of the Uchiha massacre. This means that he received it from his fellow teammate Kagami Uchiha and/or another Uchiha, thanks to Orochimaru. We all know that Orochimaru was known to kidnap villagers and test them, villagers. It’s, therefore, not impossible.

Why Didn’t Danzo Use Kotoamatsukami?

Sharingan consumes lots of chakras. Those who don’t belong to Uchiha cannot turn it off because it drains chakra continuously. Kakashi lost all his chakra very quickly after receiving the Sharingan. Then, Danzo used Hashirama’s cell to cover the gap. But, using or having 10/11 Sharingan isn’t an easy task. Even with the chakra boost, he couldn’t make them work efficiently.

And Kotoamatsukami is a top-level Genjutsu that requires lots of energy and precision. Due to his constant chakra drain and little proficiency in Sharingan, Danzo couldn’t use Kotoamatskumi on Sasuke. If he could do so, he’d have used the same technique on Hiruzen to proclaim Hiruzen as the Hokage.

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Is Danzo An Uchiha?

No, Danzo is not an Uchiha. Danzo is part of Shimura clan. Shimura clan. There’s no information on Shimura’s Shimura clan in any anime manga, databook, or manga. The only thing we can find is the full title of his name: Danzo Shimura.

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

After completing the Five Kage top, Danzo returned to the village. Tobi caught Danzo and took his bodyguards away to allow Sasuke to fight Danzo free. Then Sasuke arrives and begins fighting Danzo.

The battle between Danzo and Sasuke starts in episode 209 and concludes in Episode 211. This means that the battle lasts for three episodes.

To find out what you can be regarding Danzo as well as his sharean, you should watch this video:

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Danzo received his sharean from dead Uchiha clan members following the Uchiha massacre. Additionally, he stole an eye of one Shisui’s eyes sharing with him. He put it in his eye. Before he even did the procedure, he was already carrying sharedan. This could come taken from Kagami Uchiha and any deceased Uchiha in the town.

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