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How Did Itachi Die and Who Killed Him? Know The Real Facts

Itachi died shortly after he was killed by his younger brother Sasuke. This caused many to believe during the television show Sasuke killed the actor. But that’s not the reality. Sasuke did not take on or take down Itachi. The question is How Did Itachi Die and Who Killed Him?

Itachi was sick due to exhaustion from the excessive use and consumption of Mangekyo Sharingan. He was expected to die shortly. He stayed alive by taking a medication.

The moment was right. He was determined to be killed by fighting his brother Sasuke. At the end of the battle, Itachi held the upper hand and, at the last moment, he put his finger on Sasuke’s forehead before falling to death in episode 138 of the anime series Naruto Shippuden.

Itachi is one of the main characters of The Naruto series. From the very beginning until the final day of his life, He was mysterious. He was never being defeated in battle. This is the reason for an inquiry. What caused Itachi to die? Did Itachi have a medical condition? We’ll answer this question briefly in this article.

How Did Itachi Die?

Itachi passed away from illness and overuse of Mangekyo Sharingan. Using two of his unique abilities (Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu) repeatedly, Itachi was on the edge of becoming blind and unable to see Sasuke as he fought him. He was also coughing blood numerous times.

After using Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu extensively and getting struck with Kirin, Itachi finally died just beside the spot where Sasuke was standing in awe.

Itachi has never thought of killing His younger brother Sasuke. Since the power of vision grows stronger because of intense emotions, he wishes for Sasuke to grow older and strong physically and mentally. If he were to want to take out Sasuke and kill him, he could do it to Sasuke many times.

Additionally, Itachi was fighting with several limitations.

  • He was in the final stages of his illness.
  • Exhausted from the constant usage of the Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • I was unable to be able to clearly.
  • He wasn’t in the mood to murder Sasuke.
  • I wanted to get Orochimaru from Sasuke.

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Who Killed Itachi?

Sasuke murdered Itachi In Naruto Shippuden episode 138. He employed Kirin and injured Itachi seriously, who was injured from the beginning. Sasuke killed Itachi to take revenge on his family members who Itachi murdered.

What made Itachi die without a smile?

Itachi performed his duties before his death. He defended his village by stopping the coup of etat. He defended his brother and helped him escape Orochimaru. He made him stronger and also provided him with Amaterasu.

He died as a hero, fulfilling his duty. This is the reason he passed away with a smile.

What Disease Did Itachi Have?

Itachi had He was suffering from a deadly disease. He was bound to die in the end. During the battle with Sasuke, Sasuke coughed blood numerous times.

While they didn’t mention them in the manga or the anime about his condition, it’s clear that he was sick and was taking medications to delay the inevitable end of his life.

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How Did Itachi Get Sick?

Itachi had unique visual prowess. The Genjutsu master was able to beat almost any opponent he took on. However, he used too much of his Sharingan during the fight.

In addition, by overusing his mental ability, he wore himself out and was soon sick. When he took on Sasuke for the final time, he was nearly blind.

What Episode Does Itachi Die?

The battle between Itachi and Sasuke commences at the beginning of the 135th season of Naruto Shippuden. It ends in episode 138. The battle lasted four episodes. Itachi passes away after the fight in episode 138.

What Episode Does Itachi Get Reanimated?

Itachi has revived alongside Nagato in the second episode, 298, in Naruto Shippuden. Then, he, along with Nagato, was ordered to battle Naruto along with Killer Bee. With the help of Shisui’s gaze, Itachi was able to get free of Nagato’s Reanimation Jutsu.

What Episode Does Itachi Die Again?

After beating Kabuto by using Sasuke, Itachi then died once more in episode 339 of Shippuden. Itachi passed away the second time because He reverted to it with the Edo Tensei, also known as Reanimation Jutsu.

Itachi himself was in the revival of Jutsu when it was released. The Jutsu became available. It was also released.

How Did Itachi Break Edo Tensei?

Itachi broke The Edo Tensei Jutsu twice. In the beginning, when he was made to combat Naruto and Killer Bee, he broke Edo Tensei with Shisui’s eye.

The 2nd time, the shinobi broke Edo Tensei by casting Izanami on Kabuto and forcing Kabuto to undo the Jutsu.

What Episode Does Itachi Break the Reanimation Jutsu?

Itachi broke the reanimation process and released his body in episode 298 of Naruto Shippuden. Then, he went to Kabuto’s abode.

After battling Kabuto for a while, he utilized Izanami against Kabuto and forced Kabuto to undo the Jutsu in episode 339 of Shippuden.

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Itachi was suffering from an unknown illness and was exhausted, coughing blood and unable to be able to see anything. He was looking to remove Orochimaru from Sasuke and then give him Amaterasuwhich is a formidable visual Jutsu.

He let himself go to the grave in the fight against Sasuke. That’s the way Itachi Uchiha passed away. I hope you get a full picture of how Itachi died. Make sure to pass this story along to your friends.

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