How Did Madara Die? (Everything Explained)

Uchiha Madara is One of the strongest Shinobi ever to live. Together with Hashirama Senju, the two established” the leaf” village. Madara was a hero not just in the leaf village but throughout the world. Even though he was this powerful, How did Madara die? Did someone take his life?

He changed the face of the Uchiha clan. It was his only person to combat Hashirama in a way. In the 4th shinobi war, we’ve witnessed him fighting the allied shinobi army and five Kage on his own.

Madara dies three times during the entire series. The first Time Madara lost his life in the battle against Hashirama. The second time he passed away in a normal, aging death. After being revived with an elixir called the Rinne Rebirth, Jutsu died for the third time when he was separated from Kaguya, the Rabbit Goddess form of Kaguya.

How Did Madara Die the First Time?

Madara and Hashirama were friends in their early years. They became close friends. There was always a war between members of the Senju as well as the Uchiha clans. They both desired peace and imagined a world in which no one would die during the war, and neither did any children.

Together, they established Hidden leaf Village. Although they shared the same goals, their approach was different. When Hashirama was established as the first village Hokage, Madara saw this as Uchiha’s demise.

Madara later decided to leave the village and attack Konoha with the Nine-tailed demon Fox beneath him. He fought Hashirama, and they fought in the valley at the end.

After several days of fighting in their final battle, Hashirama defeated Madara yet again and killed him in the same spot. This is the reason why Madara was killed for the First Time.

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How Did Madara Die the Second Time?

In the final moments of the combat, Madara was stabbed in the back by Hashirama, so Madara was defeated. His body was kept secret to prevent anyone from locating it.

However, Madara utilized a planned Izanagi within his left eye. This allowed him to return in exchange for the vision in his right eye.

During the battle, he was able to chew off a small piece of flesh from Hashiharama. Combining it with his DNA, he was in a position to bring back Rinnegan. It was then able to summon the Gedo statue to Rinnegan.

With it, he extended his life to the third Ninja war. A few days later, he utilized Zetsu to save Obito, whom he later controlled and used for his benefit. He handed over his Infinite Tsukuyomi strategy to Obito and placed the seeds of his Rinnegan to Nagato.

As he got older and could not sustain himself for long, he disengaged his body from the sculpture. So, he died naturally. This is the way Madara passed away for the second time.

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How Did Madara Die the 3rd Time?

At the Time of the fourth Shinobi world war, Kabuto employed reanimation Jutsu and then resurrected his body. He was the only one to defeat the Five Kage and caused huge losses to the allied Shinobi forces.

In the following Time, he was resurrected with a Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, with the assistance of Obito and Black Zetsu, transforming him into his original form. He was transformed into the ten tails Jinchuriki and received his Rinne Sharingan.

Through it, he was able to activate an Infinite Tsukuyomi. It was, to him, the only method for peace in the Shinobi world.

Then, suddenly, the black Zetsu struck him in the back with a knife. He explained to Madara that Zetsu was his pawn throughout the day. Infinite Tsukuyomi was not the type of Jutsu left behind by the Sage of the Six Paths. The master plan was designed to bring Kaguya Otsutsuki to life. So, he became Kaguya Otsutsuki’s vehicle.

After Naruto and the others encased her, all the tailed beasts were freed. They were taken from Madara. Following that, he perished. Near death, he held an exchange of words with his reanimated Hashirama Senju.

After his last conversation with his pal Hashirama, Madara died for the third and final time.

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In Which Episodes Madara Die?

As we have previously discussed, Madara died three times. Also, Madara died the first time in the 370th episode and the second Time in episode 346, and the third occasion in episode 474.

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Every soul has to die. It was true for even Madara Uchiha. Although he was resurrected numerous times from death, he was always back regardless of whether it was the Reanimation Jutsu or the Rinne Rebirth, or even the planned Izanagi.

So, in total, Madara died three times. The First Time he was fighting the Hokage, who was his first, Hashirama killed Hashirama. The Second Time, when he entrusted everything to Obito’s care, he passed away naturally.

This was the third time, following the fact that Kaguya was sealed and was released, the Tailed Beast was released, and Madara passed away for the third and final time.

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