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How Did Madara Get Rinnegan?

To awaken the Rinnegan, it is necessary to blend both Indra And Asura’s chakra. To accomplish this, Madara bit off a part of the flesh of Hashirama before being crushed and killed. After his return, with the help of Izanagi, he surgically implanted the fleshed piece into his body. Then he hid in a cave for a long period. When he reached close to his time, the man awoke Rinnegan.

Madara is among the most powerful villains of Naruto. His name alone can create fear among the nations. It was his only Shinobi who could fight Hokage the first for days from toe the toe. As an Uchiha, he had Sharingan. He later unlocked Mangekyu. Forever shared Mangekyu.

In the final stage of his existence, he awoke the legend Rinnegan. What exactly was the method by which Madara obtained Rinnegan? Why did madara offer nagato the Rinnegan? How did nagato acquire two rinnegans? How exactly did Obito obtain Rinnegan? We’ll be able to answer all these questions and many more in more detail.

How Did Madara Get Rinnegan?

Madara Madara Hashirama in The Final Valley for the last time. He employed Susano to cover Kurama and had his enduring Mangekyu Sharingan. However, he still was lost to Hashirama and his mastery of sage Jutsu and his wood style. After days of fighting, Madara and Hashirama both were exhausted. At the end of the battle, the two threw themselves at one another.

When Madara struck the man with the weapon, Hashirama fell to the ground (water). As if believing he had defeated his arch-enemy Madara said to Hashirama that he was the only one who was still standing, contrary to their previous encounters battled. But what he didn’t know was there was an actual replica of a wood-style and not the real Hashirama.

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When the 1st Hokage cuts his sword into Madara’s back, Madara begins to understand the reality. In addition, he was shocked that his friend could be killed. After he said his final remarks, Madara fell and passed away.

It was planned to end at that moment. But, Madara used Izanami, which activated at a specific date that he died. Using that Jutsu, the man returned to life and then went to the hideout.

At the end of the battle against the Hokage in the first round, he took only a tiny portion of flesh. Then he placed the flesh in his body and waited for the time for Rinnegan to awaken.

However, it took an extended time. Before his death, He reactivated the Rinnegan. As he was quite old, he was unable to fulfill his desires. Therefore, he donated his Rinnegan to a Senju descendant named Nagato Uzumaki.

How Did Madara Get the Rinnegan in the War?

In the 4th Great Ninja War, Madara was able to get the other Rinnegan to Zetsu. The one Obito returned from Nagato’s corpse. Because Obito implanted one Rinnegan in his right eye, the second eye was reserved for Madara. When Madara was brought back to life via Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, Zetsu simply delivered the second Rinnegan into Madara.

When Obito was leaving Rinnegan, Madara went to him after escaping Naruto and Sasuke’s seal Jutsu. He was able to use Kakashi’s Saringan and made use of Kamui to get Obito. He then took his second Rinnegan off of him.

Why Did Madara Get Both Rinnegan?

Madara only had one eye in his body when he was brought back to life following his fight with Hashirama using Izanagi. We are all aware that the cost of this technique is the loss of one eye. The user loses one of his eyesight.

When Madara returned to life using it, he’d already lost one eye. The issue is, why did Madara receive both his Rinnegan instead of just one?

The most straightforward answer is that Rinnegan helps you improve your vision. This is the reason Madara has Rinnegan in both eyes.

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How Did Edo Tensei Madara Have Rinnegan?

Kabuto employed Kabuto to use the Edo Tensei Jutsu to summon Madara on the battlefield. As we know, Kabuto’s Edo Tensei or reanimation Jutsu can bring people back to their original state or age that he was in when they died, just as the Third Hokage who died in old age. He returned in the form of an elderly man. Madara also passed away in old age.

Then, he could be back as an older man. Yet, he is back at a young age, and there was no Rinnegan. So what is the reason he didn’t be able to have Rinnegan?

As Kabuto claimed, he altered Madara’s body to bring Madara back to his best physical condition. This is why the man appeared younger when he revived Madara. Then, after a few days, the man could obtain the same Rinnegan for a brief period.

Why Did Madara’s Rinnegan Disappear?

After Madara came back to life by using Rinnerebirth, his Rinnegan disappeared. This happened due to two reasons.

  1. Madara’s first Rinnegan eyes had been in Zetsu along with Obito’s. Therefore, when he came back, Madara was completely devoid of eyes.
  2. As Edo Tensei’s first Rinnegan eyes were modified and amplified by Kabuto. After Madara returned to life, his eyes went away.

How Did Madara Implant the Rinnegan in Nagato?

When Madara awakened her Rinnegan amid his older age, it was difficult for him to follow his plan when he was that old. This is why Madara implanted his Rinnegan into Nagato. However, it was difficult for him to accomplish that himself.

He decided to let Zetsu take over the job for him. Because Nagato had the status of an Uzumaki and a Senju descendant, Nagato was a good choice to be Madara’s Rinnegan.

Why Did Madara Give Nagato the Rinnegan?

Madara was extremely old at the time. He needed someone to succeed him, who could offer his Rinnegan and control to do his Rinnerebirth Jutsu.

This method of death can bring back dead people. He wanted to return to life by using this technique. This is why Madara offered Nagato an Rinnegan.

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Rinnegan can be described as one of the ocular legends with an unimaginably powerful ability. It is believed to be in the Sage of the Six Paths myth.

Madara was also among the few individuals who could gain access to the Rinnegan. The key to unlocking this power is to mix Asura And Indra’s chakra.

As Madara is the incarnation of Indra, and Hashirama is Asura’s second incarnation at the time Madara surgically implanted Hashirama’s cells inside his body, the Rinnegan became conscious at an older age.

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