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How did Obito Survive | Who Saved Obito?

Obito is among the most powerful characters in the whole Naruto universe. He initiated his involvement in the Fourth Great Ninja War, held the Akatsuki, and killed the entire Uchiha together with Itachi. He was the leader of the nine tails’ attack in Konoha.

However, everyone believed he died during the Battle of Kannabi Bridge in the 3rd Great Ninja War. An important question pops up in the wake of all this: how did Obito survive? Who helped to save Obito from death?

Madara designed the entire thing, including Rin. He had planned to make Obito into a villain and then use the man however he liked. Following that, Obito was crushed by the weight of a boulder.

He tried to help his friend. Madara rescued Obito from the area along with Zetsu and brought him back into the hiding place. He implanted the body of Zetsu and gave him treatment. That’s the way Obito was able to survive.

How Did Obito Survive?

In the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi, Obito, and Rin were sent on a mission to take down Kannabi Bridge. If Minato was also on a separate mission to kill the enemy in the frontline by himself and at his initiative, he dispatched all the others under the command of Kakashi, which made him the new team captain.

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Rin Got Kidnapped By The Hidden Rock Ninjas

Before their success in the mission, the team members Rin Nohara were kidnapped by Hidden Rock ninjas. Obito was determined to save Rin Nohara as soon as possible. But, Kakashi wanted to fulfill the purpose of the rescue.

Obito And Kakashi Rescue Rin

Kakashi, as well as Obito, later helped her. When they were fighting one of their opponents, Kakashi lost one of his eyes. However, Obito awakened his Sharingan. After rescuing Rin while trying to escape the enemy’s territory, one of the enemies made use of a jutsu and caused the cave to fall.

As he tried to save Kakashi, Obito got crushed by a rock. They took him to the hospital because it was impossible to rescue him from the crushing.

Madara Saved Obito Using Zetsu

Madara not only saved Obito but also designed the entire thing with Zetsu. He plotted everything at first.

He did this to utilize Obito to later do a Rinne Rebirth jutsu and bring Madara back to life. It will assist in developing his plans for Project Tsuki no me. This is the way Obito was able to survive.

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Who Saved Obito From Dying?

Obito was saved from certain death three times by three different individuals.

  • Madara helped him escape from the boulders during the 3rd Great Ninja War battle.
  • After the Rinne Rebirth, Black Zetsu stayed with Obito for a few days to save him from death.
  • Naruto used his Six Paths’ Yang power to help save Obito while they were within the Lava Dimension.

How Did Obito Survive Ten-Tails Extraction?

After all, the beasts with tailed were removed from Obito. He was supposed to die immediately. But, he was blessed with Gedo, the Gedo Statue inside of him, and kept him alive.

After Madara invokes the Gedo Statue, it is only a matter to find out that Obito began to die. Because of the Hashirama cells within him his body, the death of Obito was delayed by only a couple of minutes.

Then Zetsu was able to control his body and did his Rinne Rebirth Jutsu. This is a jutsu that causes death to its castor. Therefore, Obito must die due to two different reasons in this case. But, because the Black Zetsu was tied to his body, Obito was not dead.

After Zetsu quits Obito’s body, we witness Naruto making in the Six Paths Yang release to help save Obito.

How Did Obito Survive Without A Heart?

Obito’s entire body was comprised of Zetsu and Hashirama cells. Even after Kakashi devastated his heart and the cursed seal that Madara placed there to manage Obito, Obito survived.

He then absorbed the ten tails and became the ten tails Jinchuriki.

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How Did Obito Survive Konan?

Obito defeated Konan, aware that it was impossible for Konan to defeat his Kamui. But, Konan had other plans.

After observing his power for a long time, she devised an unbreakable plan to combine more than 6 million paper bombs. Also, her timing was perfect. This caused Obito into a rut and left him with no option other than to choose Izanagi.

Obito made use of Izanagi to stay alive Konan.

How Did Obito Survive Amaterasu?

In the end, Obito can pass through any physical or ninjutsu targets physically. That’s how Obito survived Amaterasu.

His Mangekyou Sharingan had this special ability that put him miles ahead of the rest.

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Many of us do not understand how Obito was able to survive. He was indeed saved because Madara helped him. Later, he utilized him to advance his plan. However, Madara himself wasn’t able to save Obito. Obito utilized Zetsu to save Obito.

Now you know how Obito gets through the night. If you have more concerns about the story, ask us.

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