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How Did Sasuke Get The Rinnegan? – The Eye of Sage

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most loved characters from the anime series Naruto and Boruto. His Finnegan, however, became more famous because of its powerful method. So the story began with the question of how did Sasuke get the Rinnegan.

The Rinnegan was given to him by the first creator of the ninja world. Hagomoro Osutsuki. He entrusted him with his six-path method to stop Kaguya. This is the way Sasuke was able to acquire his Rinnegan.

It’s not right to retell the whole tale in one spot. Let’s examine Sasuke’s Rinnegan capabilities and how they were lost to him.

How Did Sasuke Get the Rinnegan?

Sasuke’s gaze changed into various unique powers as a skilled ninja from his childhood. The past, from Sharingan to Rinnegan, has many tales.

Although the Sharingan enabled him to have many cool physical abilities, Rinnegan unleashed powers that turned him into a formidable Ninja and could have helped him reach greater heights had it been with him for the rest of his life. Sasuke’s Rinnegan skills were among the most distinctive and powerful methods of all Ninjas.

Sasuke acquired the Rinnegan through Hagomoro Otsutsuki. He was the inventor of the concept of a Ninja skill in Naruto. Naruto universe. He was also the person who gave Sasuke the Rinnegan.

At one point, Sasuke was about to die or, more specifically, was in a close-to-death situation. This was when The Sage of the Six Paths spoke through his unconscious.

After speaking to Sasuke about his plans and observing his determination, Sasuke also saw the future in which Sasuke and Naruto could change the course of the world or protect the entire world from Kaguya. After observing the fate that two powerful Ninjas, Sasuke’s Sage decides to trust Sasuke along with Rinnegan.

Hagomoro later granted him the Yin part of the Six Paths Chakra (Rinnegan) and the other half to eliminate Kaguya. Then, it was the time that Rinnegan activated, granting more capabilities to Sasuke.

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Why Does Sasuke Have Only One Rinnegan?

There are many theories on why Sasuke received one Rinnegan and Madara (Uchiha, the clan’s leader) received both.

As we mentioned earlier As mentioned earlier, the combination of Naruto and Sasuke’s abilities is required to sever Kaguya completely. It requires two people with two power to completely seal her off. Sasuke was born with the Yin part of the chakra, while Naruto is the other half of the ability to shut off Kaguya.

To make things more balanced, Hagomoro decided to entrust Sasuke with just one Rinnegan.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan Abilities: What are They?

Sasuke Rinnegan’s abilities are among the most powerful strategies that can be found in both Naruto as well as the Boruto universes. Rinnegan is unique in its visual capabilities.

It can also see the chakras inside the human body and other barriers that aren’t apparent to the untrained eye. Let’s look at Rinnegan’s unique capabilities.

Pattern Recognition

The rinnegan can detect patterns invisibly and also decipher complex codes quickly. Sasuke can extract huge amounts of information from the smallest of texts with the help of Rinnegan.


Blessed with the power of the Six Sage paths himself, this power can be utilized by Sasuke. It’s a time and space technique that allows you to swap locations of two targets within a certain distance. Throughout the Naruto Universe, this was a very effective technique used by Sasuke himself.

Additionally, he could switch places with his adversaries or even swap objects using the power that his eyes have.

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Space-Time Ninjutsu

This ability lets Sasuke can teleport his victim into a void in the dimension. Sasuke can summon creatures and many 10-sealed beasts too. Then, he’ll be able to travel through the dimensions too.

Shinra Tensei

Sasuke can control or manipulate the five fundamental nature transformations by using this method. Sasuke can force enemies out of the way by using the repulsive technique.


A power that Itachi Uchiha mastered, it’s one of the most powerful techniques employed by Sasuke. Users of this technique can summon black flames, and the flames could be burning for longer than one week. It is a defensive and offensive technique employed by Sasuke.

The Six Paths Technique

The powers that were the first are those of Rinnegan. They comprise:

  • The Deva Path Uses manipulative, attracting, or disarming forces.
  • Asura The path: Summon powerful weapons and boost the user’s body.
  • Human Path It has the ability of Telepathy and also takes the soul of an enemy out of their body.
  • Animal Path It is possible to summon various creatures and beasts
  • Preta Path The technique of defense lets the user absorb the opponent’s chakra.
  • Naraka Path: It also comes in two parts. The King of Hell technique allows you to cause the flames (Pyrokinesis) and heal injuries. The outer part technique allows the user to bring back life or revive a dead body (Necromancy).

How Did Sasuke Lose His Rinnegan?

This is the most tragic event that has ever occurred in the Naruto universe. Imagine this is one of the most powerful characters from the Naruto series could lose the root of his power such as this.

What happened? Sasuke get rid of his Rinnegan?

Boruto was hypnotized, or say, was in the hands of Momoshiki.

Boruto attacked Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye using a Kunai Knife in the hypnotized state. Sasuke became blind, but the hypnotized man also lost all of his abilities.

Though he was in a state of confusion, Boruto was a bit guilty and accountable. Sasuke said that circumstances were not under Boruto’s control. And he’s content that all are healthy and safe.

This is the reason Sasuke went through the loss of his Rinnegan capabilities.

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The question of how Sasuke obtained the rinnegan is quite clear, and we were able to observe Sasuke’s abilities as a rinnegan as well.

His powers snuffed out many evils to make way to be used for good, but the way Sasuke got rid of his Rinnegan is shocking. But, it didn’t affect his popularity even a little.

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