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How Did the First Hokage Die? Hashirama’s Death Revealed!

Hashirama Senju was a one-of-a-kind and extremely skilled Ninja. He was believed to be the God for shinobi. Unrivaled fighting ability and a reserve of chakras and his ability to master all aspects of chakra-related aspects made him a formidable adversary. How did the First Hokage Die? Who was the person who killed Hashirama?

First Hokage Hashirama Senju passed away naturally. He was able to continuously regenerate his body cells and go day after day. The use of his extraordinary healing power reduced his lifespan.

For this reason, even though he was a Senju who was well-known for his powerful life force and being the incarnation of Asura, who was his incarnation, he only was a short-lived Senju.

How Did the First Hokage Die?

As it was a time in wartime, Madara needed to fight continuously in numerous conflicts. At times, it was with the Uchiha clan. Uchiha clan, at other times, were fighting against Madara and nine tails, and sometimes against other villages. Fighting constantly was a burden.

The Hokage of the first was believed to be the God of Shinobi. There was no one who could make on him 1 against 1. In fact, even EMS Madara with 9 tails was unable to beat him in his entire life. He was just invincible.

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What happened to Hokage the first die? It’s a question that every Naruto fan will come across. In light of the fact that Tobirama was the 2nd Hokage following the death of the First Hokage, it’s clear that the first Hokage did not live a long life.

One thing that helped make Hashirama virtually invincible was the ability to heal. He was able to treat his body while on the battlefield, without using hand gestures and a lot more than Tsunade.

Thus, no matter how strong his opponent was and how numerous they appeared, he could take on them without worrying about the injuries he sustained. In addition, thanks to his incredible chakra reserves, he was able to fight for days and days.

The First Hokage was in an age of perpetual conflicts. With numerous conflicts, he was forced to utilize his remarkable healing power for a long time. In doing so, he cut down his life.

But wait did Senju possess a formidable physical body and life force at the very beginning? Isn’t Hashirama the embodiment of Asura?

Let’s look at it in this in this way.

Imagine a candle that burns continuously. Imagine that its life expectancy is approximately one hour. Imagine a massive candle that is designed to last for around 7-8 hours.

However, it’s stored in a very warm area. This extra heat will reduce the lifespan of the candle, regardless of how long the candle lasts.

Like candles, exactly the exact incident occurred with his First Hokage. Although he was the God of Shinobi and the reincarnation of Asura and a Senju fighting for his life and battling countless enemies reduced his time in the world.

When Did Hashirama Die?

Hashirama was killed in a minor conflict just before it was the time of the First Great Ninja War. But, it was an organic death resulting from the use of his healing powers.

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Who Killed Hashirama?

There was no one who could have killed Hashirama. Most importantly, no one could take down Hashirama, the first who killed Hokage. He passed away naturally. In addition, nobody even could come as close as Madara who truly had the skills required to take on the first Hokage. Even with the nine tails, Madara fell to defeat completely.

How Old Was Hashirama When He Died?

First Hokage Hashirama passed away aged 50- 60 in his lifetime. He lived a relatively small life. Hashirama was aged 25-30 when Tobirama and Tobirama taught Hiruzen Sarutobi. Also, when Tobirama declared Hiruzen the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen was between 20 and 25 years old.

And Hashirama died just a few days earlier than Tobirama passed away. All things considered, it is possible to say that Hashirama was aged between 50-60 at the time of his death.

In addition, he was able to see his daughter Tsunade throughout his life. This also suggests that he lived to the age of 40s and passed away long after that.

How Did Hashirama Die the Second Time?

After being revived in the form of Orochimaru In the first Naruto (2002) serial The One Hokage Hashirama was required to take on the Third Hokage.

The Third Hokage was a battler against both the prior Hokage in a battle that was sealed with Reaper Death Seal. This is why, the second time he died, he used his Reaper Death Seal.

Hashirama was revived by Orochimaru in the 4th Great Ninja War. Then he was killed for the third time as Hashirama was released in the Reanimation Jutsu was launched at the close of the war.

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One of the first Hokage Hashirama did not die in old age, despite having an extremely strong life force, an immense volume of energy, a sturdy body, and remarkable healing abilities.

As it is mentioned within Naruto in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, he suffered naturally that is, it’s obvious that he was not killed.

He was killed due to the constant usage of his incredible healing and regeneration abilities in the many battles fought by him.

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