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How Did Tobirama Die? Who Killed The 2nd Hokage?

Tobirama Senju was the second Hokage and the older brother to Hashirama Senju- the 1st Hokage. He was well-versed in all forms of mainstream Ninjutsu Genjutsu in addition to Taijutsu. He invented several top-quality Jutsu, such as Shadow Clone Jutsu and Flying Raijin Jutsu. How did Tobirama die? Was he killed in combat (KIA)? We are discussing today in great detail.

Tobirama was killed in battle with the 20+ S rank Hidden Cloud Jonin ninja in the 1st Great Ninja War. Kinkaku & Ginkaku were also members of that 20-man team. S Rangers Ninjas are at the same scale as an Akatsuki member. That is to say, Tobirama was fighting 20plus Akatsuki level Joins in the field of battle. This enabled Tobirama and his crew to escape. Then, he was killed in the fight.

It was a necessity to allow the rest of the team to live.

How Did Tobirama Die?

Tobirama was regarded as the most powerful ninja of his time. He even killed Izuna Uchiha, Madara’s brother. He developed a variety of extremely high-level Jutsu that include the prohibited Jutsu. On the battlefield, He was as ferocious as you could ever imagine.

Tobirama vs 20 S rank Jonin

In episode 211 in the 211th episode of Naruto Shippuden, we learn how Tobirama sacrificed himself to draw away the twenty S ranks of Hidden Cloud Ninjas. To ensure that the other six teammates of his group would be able to escape. If they had to confront the 20 S rank ninjas head-on, it could be death to the entire team. The score was seven vs. 20. 3 vs. 1 for each.

Tobirama himself can handle three S rank ninjas even though each one is equivalent to one Akatsuki member. But his team would not be able to. They would’ve been eliminated at some point or other.

One of them is to draw attention and deter the adversaries. The rest would get away from them. At the end of the battle between Danzo and Sasuke, We saw a flashback in which Tobirama made Hiruzen the third Hokage while he was away. In the episode, Tobirama declared that he would take on all enemies to sacrifice himself.

Fighting the 20 hidden cloud Jonins, Tobirama passed away during the First Great Ninja War.

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Tobirama vs. Izuna

Tobirama was the older brother of Hashirama Tobirama was Hashirama’s younger brother, while Izuna was the older brother of Madara. When Tobirama was a member of the Senju Clan was fought against the Uchiha Clan for years. Both Tobirama and Izuna were fighting. Tobirama outclassed Izuna in a 1 vs. 1 battle in one of the battles.

Izuna employed his Sharingan to knock Tobirama off guard, and he utilized fire-style Jutsu. Tobirama responded by using water-style Jutsu. The water and fire evaporated. In the smokescreen, Tobirama was throwing a plethora of Kunai. Izuna quickly evaded the Kunai knives. But, one Kunai was sporting the Flying Raijin Marker on it.

Tobirama quickly teleported into Kunai and cut Izuna in two, causing a fatal wound. Madara arrived to save his brother, who was able to escape together with Tobirama.

Who Killed Tobirama?

A prestigious squad had killed Tobirama, made up of twenty S ranks of Hidden Cloud ninja. It happened during the first Great Ninja war. Kinkaku was the leader, and Ginkaku was the leader of the group. They were also high-level shinobi. Tobirama attracted the attention of the group and kept them distracted. Later Tobirama was killed during the suicide mission.

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How Old Was Tobirama When He Died?

Tobirama was 50-60 at the time he passed away. Tobirama was Hokage between 30-40. He remained in his position for over 15- 16 years. Based on this, we can conclude that Tobirama died in his 50s to 60s.

What Episode Does Tobirama Die?

The show didn’t reveal the death of Tobirama in actuality. In episode 211th, they showed an image of how Tobirama passed away. So, if you’d like to witness that, head to episode 211. The episode is in the Sasuke against Danzo fight.

Who Died First Hashirama or Tobirama?

Hashirama Senju, also referred to in the title of the 1st Hokage, died first. Hashirama passed away naturally. Hashirama appointed Tobirama as the second Hokage in the days before his passing. Contrary to the 1st Hokage, Tobirama died on the battlefield. Before the time of his demise, Tobirama declared Hiruzen the 3rd Hokage.

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Tobirama developed several popular Jutsu, such as Shadow Clone and Flying Raijin Jutsu. He also invented the infamous Reanimation Jutsu. So, how could Tobirama pass away if he had such a genius? Naruto fans frequently pose this question.

They aren’t aware that Tobirama was a very proficient and well-known Shinobi. Fighting against 20+ skilled S-class ninjas were too for Tobirama. Take each of the 20plus Hidden Cloud ninjas as an Akatsuki part of the Akatsuki team. He spooked them to ensure that the other team members could get away.

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