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How Old is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter

Hi everyone! Today, we’ll be discussing the Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Hunter is a Japanese animation and Manga, written and illustrated in Japanese by Yoshihiro Takashi. Shueisha published this anime in March 1998. This anime version was completed. Let’s find out How Old is Hisoka!

In 2011, another anime version was released. Another anime version was introduced in 2011. Kazuhiro Furuhashi directed the older version, which aired on Fuji TV and consisted of 68 episodes. This anime has several video games, OVAs, and promotional videos.

Hunter x Hunter is known for its unique story and well-constructed characters. Gon, Ging and Meruem are just a few of the many cool characters. Today, we’ll be talking about Hisoka. Hisoka Morrow is also known as Hisoka Morrow. He is the Magician, Grim Reaper, and one of the antagonists in the series. He was a member of Phantom Troupe and is now a Hunter looking for someone to fight.

His power level is a measure of his character’s potential. His mysterious personality is something that both love and hate. We will be discussing this character and his appearance and age. This article will be discussed until the end.

How old is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter?

How old is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter? Every Hunter x Hunter fan has asked this question at one time or another. He was 28 years old at the time he appeared in the series. He was Hunter’s selection race’s main antagonist and the Heaven Arena Arc’s chief antagonist in the first arc.

This character is memorable because of his speeches, acting, and moments. Another thing that makes this series so exciting is the chemistry between Ilumi & Hisoka. Because he doesn’t mind his past and is always looking for someone with whom to fight, his past isn’t properly shown in the anime. He challenged Chrollo to fight. However, Chrollo denies it because he lacks nen. These were the most important and basic information about Hisoka.

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Personality and appearance:

Hisoka is described as proud, arrogant, and blood-lusty. He is a fighter who will kill weaker opponents. His left cheek is a fuchsia star, and his right cheek a green teardrop. He is a joker and changes his outfit every story arc. He is a fighter, but he knows when to keep quiet. Netero was not caught off guard when he did not attack him. He stated that fighting Chrollo was too difficult for him. Throughout the anime, he wears women’s shoes and uses a seductive voice to communicate. He ends each sentence in the Manga with a suit symbol.

He was first encountered in Hunter’s selection race at Stotz. He was also the antagonist in this arc. He boasted his card skills and challenged Gon. We meet him at Heaven’s Arena. This arc featured him as the main antagonist. Also, we see a fight between Gon & Hisoka. We saw him challenge Chrollo and deceive Phantom Troupe in the New York-New City arc.

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He was an ally in the fourth arch. He was part of a Gon team that played Razor in dodgeball. We saw him with Illumi on his mission to stop Killua from running away in Chairman Selection Arc. He was seen fighting Chrollo in the Dark Continent arc. Chrollo’s power defeated Hisoka, but he only barely survived the fight. Hisoka uses Bungee Gum Nen to make Gum his weapon. As we see in the most recent chapter, he can also make Gum puppets.

This was Hisoka’s breakdown. Please follow us on social media and share it with your friends if you enjoyed this article. We’ll be back with more articles like this soon. We will see you again soon. Take care.

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