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How To Aim Crossbow Elden Ring?

The crossbow can be described as a weapon with a range that can be used to inflict damage on enemies from an extended distance. If you prefer this type of play, we’ve provided some tips for the best way to acquire the most effective crossbows and where you can buy additional bows. 

In this article, we’ll examine one of the biggest questions you’re likely to have how to target your crossbow within the Elden Ring? Follow these easy steps. How to aim your Crossbow in the Elden Ring      

For you to aim your crossbow within the Elden Ring, you must make it a Two-Hand weapon. Because the mere fact of putting it in one hand (with other weapons, like an axe) will allow you to shoot it using hip fire, but without the capability to focus. Here’s how to achieve this: Make sure you have your weapon is properly equipped.

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If you wish to double-hand your crossbow, then press your Y, RB/Triangle, and R1. You’ll shoot towards your hip if you only have one hand on your weapon. This is because you can lock onto your opponent. However, if you wish to shoot manually, press the L1 key or the LB.Use R1 and R2 buttons to insert the bolt into your crossbow. 

( Press the “shoot” button to load the bolt inside your gun). The only thing left to do is hit R1 or R2 or shoot one kind of arrow or bolt, then use R2 or RT for shooting a different kind of Bolt or arrow. Players can choose to aim using auto-aim or hand (the preferred option). Be aware that crossbows need to be loaded before firing each shot. Plus, you cannot offer brand-new Ashes of War to crossbows.      

Types of Crossbows

  • Soldier’s Crossbow
  • Light Crossbow
  • Heavy Crossbow
  • ArbalestCrepus’ Black Key Crossbow
  • Pulley CrossbowFull moon Crossbow

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For 1500 Runes, You can purchase the Light Crossbow from the Nomadic Merchant on the Weeping Peninsula (east). If you’re short of Runes, Players can get a Heavy Crossbow at the Gate front from the soldiers in the area.

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