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How To Check EDD Card Balance

Everyone has probably lost track of their EDD balances on their card at some point, but it is vital to keep track.

It is important that you note that EDD account balances are updated each month. If your credit score is not high enough, you can easily check your EDD card balance online. 

This guide will show you How To Check EDD Card Balance.

Follow these simple steps to quickly check your balance on your credit card.

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What is an EDD Debit card?

The Employment Development Department of California offers a prepaid card that allows you to get benefits in a safe and simple way.

EDD debit card applicants do not need to undergo credit checks or creditworthiness screenings.

You can use the card anywhere that accepts VISA cards in the USA. You can withdraw money at ATMs and banks, and get cashback for purchases made online.

You can use the EDD Debit Card to transfer funds into any bank that you choose.

It not only informs you about any deposits made in the past but also alerts when a deposit was made. EDD debit cards also notify you when your balance falls below the minimum. EDD debit card customers are protected against fraud through the zero liability policy.

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How To Check EDD Card Balance

Call your EDD toll free number, or go online at the official website. You can also check the balance of your EDD debit balance.

However, before the balance can be displayed, you will need to enter your information.

Check the Balance of Your EDD Card Balance on The Internet

You can view your current Card Balance and available funds on the official website of EDD Card, which is (

Enter your Username, and password. Click “Sign in” to be taken directly to the Account Summary page. This will display the current balance as well as the available funds.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers To Verify the Balance

The number below allows you to check the balance of your EDD Balance and Debit Card. You will also need to enter personal information in order to check your balance.

1-888-888 for customer service 866. 692.9374

Get the ATM Near You

The ATM can also check the balance of your card. However, you will need to provide specific details. The ATM will ask for the following information to check your credit:

The EDD card number and PIN can both be obtained through EODM (Employment Development Department of California). Acceptable form of identification

An ATM will display your balance at the top.

How do you transfer money from an EDD card into a Bank of America account?

These steps will allow you to send money via EDD to Bank of America.

  • Log in to the My Money section and select Transfer
  • Next, click on Add to Account.
  • Please fill in the required information.
  • Click the Transfer tab to begin the transfer process.

Follow these steps to quickly transfer money to your checking account.

What is the Maximum Amount an Individual Can Withdraw from An EDD Credit card?

EDD card holders should know that they can withdraw up to $1000 from any ATM within 24 hours in the US.

Security reasons also limit the amount you can withdraw. For more information, please visit the Help section of the EDD card website.


In general, the process of filing unemployment claims and paying eligible workers takes three weeks.

Information about how to get Unemployment Insurance coverage through your Account can be found on the Unemployment Insurance website. You can also dial 1-866-333-4666, toll-free to reach the Unemployment Insurance department.

You can also reach out to Paid Family Leave contact details and the Disability Insurance toll-free phone number. Through your Social Security online account, you can also find information about the payment requirements.

These are some additional essential facts about EDD card

These are the essential details about the EDD debit cards. The following information is essential for the EDD debit card:

Since your last card is still operational, it is impossible to obtain a new card. You can apply for a replacement credit card through the Customer Service number if you have lost your original card. Access to your money can be made via ATMs and online banking.

The EDD account can be regarded as a checking account. Online banking and ATMs allow you to view all transactions.

What is the Significance of Pending EDD Payment

When you make the online transaction, you’ll be able to see which times are “pending” or “paid”. If your account is in “paid”, you will know that funds are in your Account that aren’t in your bank accounts.

If “pending” is displayed, it means that an official decision has yet to be made.

How do I get an EDD Debit card?

You can apply for an EDD Debit Card from the official website,, and then you’ll get the Debit card.

To discuss the matter and obtain the card, you can also call Bank of America EDD debit Card customer service.

  • 1-866-692-9374 (voice)
  • 1-866-656-5913 (TTY)
  • If you are not in the US, please call 423-262-1650.
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