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How To Cheese Malenia Elden Ring?

A distinctive, highly-popular Elden Ring weapon can actually be used to win the fight against Melania, who is the most difficult to beat the boss of the Lands Between.

Inside the Elden Ring community beating Melania, Blade of Miquela is now a rite of passage. The most difficult player to defeat in the game, and among the most difficult challenges in any From Software game, will typically require complete control of the fight or a co-op summon such as”Let Me solo Her to knock her down. However, some players have discovered other ways to take on her.

A good example of the Melania strategy was that players used their Crucible Horns Incantation, which was a charge capability that allowed them to take the boss off the air when she performed Waterfowl Dance. Another strategy involved players equipping the Mimic Tear with a cannon to serve as a different method to frighten Melania. The latest method is fighting Melania all on their own. The key to success lies in the weapon called Ghiza’s Wheel.

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Where To Get Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring fans can find Ghiza’s wheel in Volcano Manor and find the massive weapon being dropped by the inquisitor phantom Ghiza after a brief battle. If the players go upstairs after they’ve reached the Manor located in Mt. Gelmir, it is possible to encounter the enemy and take its weapon.

The most distinctive weapon available in games, the Ghiza’s Wheel, is a huge circular blade that can tear into enemies and then spin to cause serious damage. It turns out that it can stun with great power and is something that one player has employed to great effect while fighting against Melania.

Ghiza’s Wheel Against Melania

Reddit user FriesWithNoKetchup employed”the “pizza cutter” to decimate Melania, using the key being to put Melania on the wall. If this is accomplished successfully, Melania cannot move, allowing players to rip through her health bar without any of her attacks being able to activate. This is exactly as evident in the video. If the players have the needed FP and stamina, they can utilize the community-dubbed pizza cutter to create Melania the ultimate cakewalk.

The secret to success lies in The key to success is the Spinning Wheel weapon art, which is a skill that has the user pointing out the massive weapon and destroying whatever is in front of them. This technique works effectively against Melania because she can’t hit the opponent since each time she tries to hit them, she’s damaged by the wheel spinning, and the attack fails. It appears like the pizza cutter method has been working because the bunch made up of Elden Ring fans, led by explicitiguana, all utilized Ghiza’s Wheel to take on the boss.

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With just a few thousand votes on each post, people in the Elden Ring community are awestruck by this fresh approach to Melania’s boss fight. Although Ghiza’s Wheel is considered one of the game’s most entertaining weapons, it is still useful. Its ability to defeat such a powerful boss is astounding and illustrates how inventive the players are in developing new strategies.

Elden Ring is available across PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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