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How To Create An On-Demand Streaming App

The internet streaming business is at its zenith. No surprise, since such services may be a good substitute for TV, radio, exercise studios, books, and a variety of other offline services.

In reality, the reach of internet streaming is much greater than many people believe.

There are services that provide culinary classes, yoga, athletic events, concerts, and even nature sound streaming, among other things.

So, if your company involves audio or video material, you will most likely be able to broadcast it on the streaming service.

Top On-Demand Streaming Platform Features

If you’re thinking about video on demand app development, then you need to be aware of the features you need to have in your app. So in this article, we’ll go through the key characteristics of an on-demand streaming service.

Remember that everything in this post applies to both streaming websites and mobile applications.


Profiles and Sign Up

Normally, we suggest making this step optional (at least at first), but you’ll most likely require a basic sign-up here.

Typically, the information required during the sign-up procedure is:

  • The email address to which the confirmation letter will be sent.
  • Name (first and last).
  • Creating a password.

To make a payment, provide your bank account information. However, we would advise caution when requesting this information so early – it might be upsetting and generate mistrust.

Home Page

How To Create An On-Demand Streaming App

Websites often place the Home Screen prior to the sign-in step so that prospective consumers may learn about their offerings. They put the sign-in button here so that clients may access more complex features and begin utilizing services.

In any case, the material and information on the Home Screen will be heavily influenced by the sort of stuff you give.

In most cases, there will be a:

  • The search bar.
  • List of contents.
  • “Sign in” button (if you do not request registration at the start).
  • Pricing and subscription options.
  • Contact information and additional details.

Furthermore, you may propose material to your visitors based on their preferences.

Sorting and Filtering

Filters will most likely vary depending on the kind of information and its variety.

This is an example of a generic list with filters. Filtering by:

  • Classifications (they will change depending on the type of your content).
  • Price (if you use pay-per-… model).
  • The duration/length of the material.
  • Age and other factors.


Player of Audio and Video

Dare we argue that almost every streaming service includes video and/or audio content?

You may improve the user experience by adding additional features such as:

  • 10 seconds of rewind and rapid forward.
  • Continue viewing from the point where a user last stopped.
  • Alter the playback speed.
  • Subtitles.


A streaming service must be very user-friendly. To learn what consumers prefer and monitor your solution’s workflow and its quality, you must collect and evaluate specific data.

These metrics are critical for the video streaming industry.

Among these measures are:

  • Daily active users.
  • Depending on your monetization approach, new users/subscriptions/purchases (over a certain period of time).
  • Characteristics of the target audience (demography, age, sex, and so on).
  • Most popular/least popular content.
  • The average length of the visit.
  • The bounce rate.
  • Revenue and others.

Streaming in Real-Time

Consider adding a live streaming video function to your video streaming business.

So, if you want your live streams to be available to everyone, go with public live video streaming, since that is what it is all about.

Private live broadcasts, on the other hand, are only available with a code or by invitation. It’s also possible to live stream audio since there are several services that broadcast live book readings.

Gateway for Payment

It is in your best interest to offer a safe and dependable Payment Gateway so that users may pay for your services.

It should:

  • Maintain consistency between your solution and the many OS alternatives.
  • Allow customers to utilize all major payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, Google and Apple Pay, and so forth.
  • Work quickly and without interruptions.
  • Protect your personal information and that of your users.

Take precautions to ensure its protection, since most streaming services require customers to attach a credit card for automatic monthly write-offs (if your monetization model is subscription).


Customer Service

If anything goes wrong during the payment method or a problem with the customer-related operations arises, a customer care agent should be available to assist in resolving the issue.

So you’re all prepared to begin the development process with your partners. Read also about developing other types of apps here:


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