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How to Dual Wield an Elden Ring

Although Elden Ring may be superior in some areas to other Soulsborne titles, it does have its share of tried-and true mechanics. Fans were interested to see what Elden Ring would do with its fighting styles following the experimentation of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Many Dark Souls classics were back in full force, which was a good thing.

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The fact that Elden Ring offers dual-wielding once more is one aspect that allows players to have a variety of choices when it comes down to their character builds. It may seem quite simple, but FromSoft games are not easy.

How to Dual-Wield Elden Ring

The only thing a player must do to dual-wield is to have one weapon in each hand and two weapons. The right-hand weapon can be used to perform light or heavy attacks. Hit LB and LT on the left.

Dual-wielding can greatly increase a player’s damage output. This allows them to attack more quickly by using alternating weapon swings. It has the disadvantage of preventing players from blocking or using shields for parrying.

Dual-wielding may be a difficult tradeoff, but if your build can do edging attacks and tanking damage, dual-wielding could be a viable build type that will get you to the end.

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Can you dual wield seals Elden Ring?

This also allows players the ability to stack buffs using dual-wielding Seals. Only “Casting Scales with Strength” seals have their Incant Scaling stat scale with strength. For strength-scaling Seals, strength does not affect the seal’s physical damage.

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