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How To Duplicate Weapons Elden Ring?

There are plenty of enjoyable builds and load-outs to play within “Elden Ring,” but for those who wish to pursue a specific style or set of gear, the possibility of duplicated items could be required.

In most cases, the weapons from the ” Elden Ring” are only available once. There are, however, some ways to acquire multiple copies of a weapon without using game-breaking glitches or shady techniques that could result in players being banned.

Duplicating special and normal weapons

Normally, players can obtain weapons once per game unless they’re dropped randomly from enemies. However, items such as the Uchigatana, Greatsword, Moonveil, or other similar weapons can be acquired again with the assistance of a player.

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It can be accomplished by stepping into a friend’s world as a friendly phantom and leaving weapons on the earth. The players can grab the weapon they dropped and bring it back to their own world with them. By doing this, they will be able to completely eliminate the weapon from its owner’s personal world. This means they’ll have to finish their playthrough before they can pick up the weapon back.

It is crucial that the lender choose the “Leave” instead of “Leave” option when dropping the weapon instead of “Discard,” as the latter will completely erase the item.

Duplicating unique boss weapons

Although the method previously described can technically be used for boss weapons such as Godrick’s axe and Radahn’s swords and swords, players can make duplicates of the items themselves without requiring an additional group. However, this is only able to be performed once every game cycle.

To replicate boss weaponry, gamers must locate the massive walking Mausoleums, which can be found in specific parts of the games around the globe. They’re typically difficult to scale due to how massive they are. However, they can be destroyed by breaking the skull-like crystals which cover them.

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When inside the Mausoleum, players can duplicate a Remembrance product they have collected from any boss they’ve defeated during their current game. Take it as a Remembrance item and then take it back to India in the Roundtable.

This technique is great for getting a new item from a boss or gaining additional Runes. But every walking Mausoleum is only available at a single time.

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