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How To Get To Abandoned Cave Elden Ring?

Abandoned Cave is one of the locations in Caelid in the Elden Ring and the location of an epic boss battle with two Cleanrot Knights. The Cave also houses two uncommon weaponry as well as a large amount of crafting tools. In the Elden Ring Guide, we’ll provide instructions on the steps to finish Abandoned Cave.

Elden Ring How to Completely Leave a Cave

This page is going to explain the steps to finish Abandoned Cave. We’ll provide the area, the walkthrough, and any other details, such as items that drop.

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Abandoned Cave Location What to Find It

Abandoned Cave Abandoned Cave is cut into a cliffside east of the glowing Wall, The Site of Grace. It’s a little tricky to reach because there is only one way to get to it: climbing up the tree’s branch, which protrudes from the other side of the precipice. Be careful not to slide off as you walk across the cliff – and don’t be scared to jump off the Torrent when it’s necessary. Have to. Otherwise, it’s straightforward to locate.

Abandoned Cave Walkthrough

The abandoned Cave is stained with water contaminated by scarlet rot, and you’ll need Conserving Boluses to clean this Cave. After you’ve collected the courage, dive into the water below and look for the small ledge with the remains of an abductor adversary. Take one of the Aeonian Butterflies on this patch of stone and then run across the alcove towards the northeast for an additional Aeonian Butterfly and Dragonwound Grease.

The next is the dark tunnel leading towards the northwest. Continue on to a cliff that falls into a massively sparkling scarlet pool. Then, drop to the right side to locate the tunnel to the left and protection from the exploding scarlet rot. If the sea is clean, run out towards the ocean close to the Abductor husk and find an overview of the Serpent bow before returning to the tunnel towards the south.

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Follow this path to locate the remains of rodent and a poisonous mushroom adversary. They are and then climb up to another tunnelway. You will find a small chamber with a couple of rats and a bit of Fire Grease and continue following it to an open space that is stuffed with Aeonian Butterflies, surrounded by a handful of small scarlet blooms of rot, a massive scarlet rot bloom, and several harmful mushroom enemies. Get rid of the weaker flowers and mage first, allowing you to concentrate on the massive flower later.

After all the nasty enemies have been to be dealt with, Take each of the insects from the Aeonian Butterfly that you see and climb up the Abductor remains towards the southwest to find an opportunity to grab the Venomous Fang weapon. Return to the bottom and climb up the hill that the poisonous mushroom enemies were on earlier. The only thing left in the Cave is to continue until you reach the mist gate blocking away the arena, which contains the dual cleaner rot boss combat.

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