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How To Get To Vargram Elden Ring?

You can find the spot for Vargram’s The Raging Wolf when playing Elden Ring. The variogram is an enemy that drops an item called the Raging Wolf Set. The set is lighter than the other. However, it provides good negation of damage. It suits classes such as Warrior, Hero, and Vagabond.

Also, you must defeat him to finish your Volcano Manor game quest. This guide will help us locate the exact location for Vargram, who is known as the Raging Wolf.

Where to Find Vargram the Raging Wolf in Elden Ring

There is Vargram, who is the Raging Wolf inside the Elden Ring as you progress through your Volcano Manor quest line. The location of Vargram is Leyndell, Royal Capital. You must progress to a certain number of quests before summoning Vargram. Additionally, it’s crucial that you don’t defeat Maliketh before reaching Maliketh. If you do, you’ll be unable to access his signature. Here are the steps to locate Vargram’s The Raging Wolf.

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  1. Visit the Volcano Manor and take that red dash from the desk to find your assassination target.
  2. Rapid Travel up to Avenue Balcony site of Grace.
  3. Go west, then down the steps.
  4. Get over the archer and then leave to climb the dragon-scale-like platform.
  5. Continue to the southwest until you come across the room with a ladder to your left.
  6. Ascend the ladder and continue straight to the opposite side.
  7. Here, you’ll see the steps leading north from below. Follow them.
  8. Continue straight, and you will come across an elevator on the right.
  9. It is possible to pull it out to open the door left (this is an option).
  10. Jump to your left side and walk past the doors to your right. Take a look at the image above to get a better idea.
  11. You can go straight to the place to purchase the set of Alberich’s, and within the room, you’ll be able to see a summoning signal.
  12. Utilize it to Vargram and become the Raging Wolf and the Evil Sorcerer Wilhelm’s realm.
  13. This is where you will find Vargram’s The Raging Wolf.

How do I advance in your Volcano Manor quest to get to this point?

The steps above will not be very helpful for you if you haven’t yet completed this Volcano Manor game quest line. If you don’t, you don’t have to be concerned.

  1. Begin by buying your hands on the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Once you’ve got it, proceed to the next steps.
  2. When you have given Rya the Serpent’s Amnion and conversed with her, you will go to the Temple of Eiglay.
  3. Utilize the elevator to reach the 2nd level and then get from the window onto the balcony.
  4. Take the normal way and then jump onto the floor to find the lava.
  5. Keep reading to the north or northeast; you’ll see the giant lava slime monsters.
  6. Move ahead and leap down at the left side of the rock.
  7. Continue to the west, and you’ll meet the lesser Abductor V*rg*n.
  8. Don’t bother and continue to the west.
  9. This is where you’ll find an area with candles in red. Talk to Rya but do not take her away.
  10. Once you have completed these steps, you can follow the steps in the previous section to reach Vargram.

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This is the guide on locating Vargram, the Raging Wolf in the Elden Ring & his location. It is recommended to visit the Elden Ring section for more information about different locations for enemies, bosses, and more for the Game.

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