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How To Level Up Ashes Elden Ring?

This page contains instructions on how to level up your Spirit summons (the ghostly entities you summon with the Summoner’s Bell or Spirit Ashes).

You can find more information in our Summonable Spirit Ashes and our How to summon Spirits guides, and Where to get Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort.

Level up Spirit Summons

You will need to acquire a few items to level up your Spirit Summons. Then, you can proceed with one character’s quest line.

Meet Roderika

You’ll need to find the right person to level them up. A Spirit Tuner is needed to make this happen.

Meet Roderika near Stormveil Castle Limgrave. Talk to her, and you’ll receive the Jellyfish Ash. After exhausting her dialogue, head to Roundtable Hold.

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Talk with Roderika or Blacksmith Heug

She will be standing near the fireplace in the first room you enter. Talk to her again and exhaust your dialogue. Next, ask Master Heug (the blacksmith at the end of the hall to the right) about Roderika.

After he has told you Roderika has the gift, talk to him again and encourage Roderika to follow it. Heug should be contacted again to ensure that Roderika is taken care of and that she gets what she needs.

Roderika should be at a new location next to Heug and near books the next time you visit Roundtable Hold. You can use Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort for your spirit summons. Enjoy!

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