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How to Recover the Lost Partition in Windows

Generally speaking, you must divide your storage device into several partitions before using it to store information. The partitions are created at the time of Windows installation, through Disk Management or by using DiskPart, or the DiskPart option, or by using appropriate third-party software.

But, there are times when you discover that your partition is missing and you’re not able to locate this inside Windows File Explorer. If you open Disk Management, the lost partition will be displayed as an unallocated space instead of that of the initial partition.

“I own an Windows 10 computer and I have made a huge mistake! I have a hard drive which stores the entirety of my multimedia files however, I deleted the volume, and now all my files are gone! The drive now says “Unallocated”! Is there a way to retrieve the volume deleted in Windows 10 and get back my data?”

As the illustration shows, when a partition is deleted, lost or damaged any files on the partition will be deleted in the same way. In this scenario it is necessary to restore the deleted partitions in Windows 10 and then your files will be restored.

Common Reasons for Partition Loss

Here’s a list of the most frequent causes of deleted partitions:

  • Accidental Deletion. Inadvertently, formatting or deleting an incorrect partition can be one of the most frequent reasons for partition deletion. As a rule of thumb be sure to double-check prior to confirm elimination of any data.
  • Partition Table Broken Partition Table. Partition tables play an important function in describing the sections to the OS. So, a corrupted or damaged partition table can result in partition loss.At the prompt in the command prompt, enter “bootrec.exe/fixmbr” and press Enter. This command is designed to provide an immediate fix to the partition table that has been damaged.
  • Improper Partition Resizing. For your information you are able to alter the size of partitions you create. But, this procedure is very risky and unplanned events like abrupt interruptions could throw the partition into chaos. If you’ve never done this before, it’s recommended to avoid it.
  • Inexpensive System Shutdowns. Infrequent shutdowns can cause computer issues and may affect a partition on a hard drive. Some of the causes for system shut downs include power interruptions and malware-infected applications. infrequent BIOS upgrades.
  • Attacks by viruses. Malware and viruses are often found in PCs despite antivirus protection. Thus, there’s a significant chance that your hard drive is infected that can lead to the deletion of partitions.

How can I retrieve a partition that was lost on Windows 10?

As previously mentioned the loss of partitions can result from many different causes. Try the following ways – hopefully, one will work for you!

Simple Method 1. Recover a lost partition with Professional Data Recovery Software

  • Install this Professional Data Recovery Software and then launch it.
  • Choose the type of information you’d like to recover, then select “Next”.
  • On the screen that says ‘Recover From Select “Can’t Find Drive” under the the Connected Drives section and then click “Scan”.
  • In the “Select the Hard Drive to Search for Lost Partition’ section, select the drive on which you lost the partition.
  • The program will run an analysis of the chosen drive and display “Search Completed Successfully” message along with the total number of partitions that were found.
  • If your partition not present, use the “Extensive Partition Search” at the left-hand side of the screen.
  • The partition you have selected will appear under “Select Partition in order to recover data’.
  • Choose the partition you want to scan and click “Scan” to find the information.

Method 2. Recover a lost partition using CMD

If you’re looking to learn partition recovery with CMD You can read the following article. Sometimes, a misplaced name of the volume or drive, or partition name could cause the partition’s disappearance. If you suspect that this might be happening then you should attempt this technique by assigning a drive number to it, and then bring it back to view within File Explorer.

Step 1. Open CMD and run it as administrator.

Step 2. In the window, type diskpart and then press Enter.

Step 3. Enter the following commands, one after another beginning with the Enter key every time.

* list disk

* Select disk 2.(Replace”#” with the model number for the drive which contains the partition that was lost.)

* list volume

* Select Volume 4(Replace # with the number of lost partitions)

The letter assigned is g.(Replace # with a valid drive letters).

Step 4. Exit this window and check if you are able to access the partition.

Method 3. Recover lost partitions using Disk Management

Step 1: Scan Hard Disk for deleted partitions

If partitions were deleted, the disk space is now “Unallocated”. It is possible to scan this area to locate deleted partitions and recover information from it, or restore it.

You may try to locate a deleted partitions even if the partition is written over by another partition. You you still have a chance to retrieve your information from it. In this scenario you need to choose Hard Disk to scan.

Step 2. Select a partition and then open “Restore Partition” dialog.

Step 3: Select restore options in the “Restore Partition” dialog, and then run restore.

The newly restored partition and the associated Logical Drive will appear in Recovery Explorer as well as in Windows File Explorer under drive the letter you’ve assigned.

Note: It is not possible to recover a partition that is overlapping the partitions already on the disk.

Four primary partitions can be present on the identical hard Disk You cannot restore a partitions if the amount is greater than.

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