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How to Repair Lovense

Here are 4 Reasons Why Your Lovense Toy Isn’t Free and How to Fix it

Lovense has a range of toys for all sex needs. They are also rechargeable, so you won’t have to miss any of the fun.

But, you might have to deal with issues with rechargeable sex toys that you don’t experience with a normal battery-powered toy.

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Here are 4 reasons why your Lovense pet doesn’t have to charge you:

  1. Charging mechanism not in use
  2. Inadequate power
  3. Blockage of the charging port
  4. Not Storing Properly

Your rechargeable toys could go out of commission for one reason or another. Do not panic if you experience any of the above. There are several simple ways to make sure your rechargeable toys continue working for long periods. Here are some quick ways to recharge your toy.

Here are 4 reasons why your Lovense toy isn’t charging a charge

Reason #1: Charging Mechanism, not in Place

A few Lovense toys, such as Noa and Max, have specific charging mechanisms. These must be set up properly in order to allow the toy to charge.

These toys use electromagnetic energy to charge. This is in contrast to other toys that use standard charging methods. The magnetic field must be in constant contact to allow a magnetic charge to continue.

  • The Nora and Max toys have been designed so that you can see the light from the side. It is possible to assume that the toy has stopped charging. You can reposition your toy until you see it.
  • The Ambi Lovense toys come with a charging dock instead of a cord. The charging dock is the same as the magnetic cord. The magnetic field must be maintained in order to charge the toy.

It is safe to say that these sex toys will not charge if you can’t see the light.

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Reason #2: Inadequate Strength

All Lovense toys are compatible with any USB port. You read that right, ladies and gentlemen! If you’re looking for some fun things to do at home, you can charge your sweet friend with your cell adapter.

Although these sex toys are compatible with any USB port, it’s not always a good idea. You can only get a slow charge.

If you use a laptop or desktop to charge your device, it could cause a slower charge. Laptops and desktops will go into “sleep” mode to conserve power. This means the charge for other devices you use will be less.

You could get the same result if your car has a USB port. Depending on your car, the electronics may also turn off when the engine is turned off. If the engine can be turned off, but the electronics are still on, I don’t recommend it.

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The Charger Port Blockage #3

Lovense toys don’t use a magnetic charge to charge. However, there are some things that could get into the charger port and prevent the toy from receiving its correct charge.

  • Except for Nora, Max, and Max 2, all Lovense toys use a charging port. You can always find something in that little tunnel or opening leading to your s*xtoy’s battery.

Your charging port can become clogged with small pieces of dirt and other debris, preventing the charger from connecting fully. You can clean the port and make a new connection if this happens. You don’t need to stick anything in the port. Just blow into it and remove any debris.

Tips for Clean Charger Port

Remember that the charging port can catch lint and fuzzies if your toy is not stored in a towel or linen bag. You must ensure that your sex toy doesn’t get shed in whatever container you keep it.

You shouldn’t worry about water. Lovense toys are designed to be waterproof. If you do not wash your toy with water, the water pressure may push water into its charging port. This could damage your toy. You can avoid this by washing your toy with warm water instead of submerging it completely.

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Reason #4: Not Storing Properly

When it comes to rechargeable toys, it is crucial to keep your sex toy safe. Lovense’s lithium-ion battery cannot be removed.

  • Temperature can cause problems in your sex. The battery life of lithium-ion batteries can be reduced by prolonged heat exposure. You should not charge lithium-ion batteries below 32°F or above 113°F.
  • Their energy can be depleted by rechargeable sex toys even though they aren’t actively using them. You will have to recharge your toy if your toy has not been used in a while. Do not assume that your toy has lost faith in you.
  • Keep your toy safe and charge it regularly.

Lovense toys come with an app that allows you to pair the app with the toy. You can check the percentage charge on your toy before you throw it away.

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What is the Charge for Lovense?

The length of the charge is an important consideration for consumers when purchasing a rechargeable sex toy. It’s not fun to wait 24 hours for your sex to begin.

Each toy is unique when it comes to Lovense toys. Depending on the toy’s size, most sex toys made by Lovense can take between 70 minutes and 2 1/2 hours.

It is important to read the instructions manual to determine how long it will take to charge your toy before it is fully charged and ready for use.

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How long does the charge on a Lovense Toy last?

It is dependent on the toy that the sex toy is charged. In general, the Lovense product is only good for as long as it takes to charge it.

Some toys can only be charged for about an hour and a half, while others will last for three hours. The instruction manual will tell you how long it takes for a toy to charge and how long the charge can be held before it needs to be recharged again.

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