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How To Switch Arrows Elden Ring?

While some would rather climb up, up close and personal with their adversaries by engaging in melee battle, many prefer to remain at a distance and bring their opponents down from afar. If that’s your style of play, especially for those with a ranged class, you may think about what you can do to switch between arrows and bolts within Elden Ring. 

Knowing this is crucial as the damage that is caused by each type of arrow will be different and impact enemies differently. In a game such as this, a swift shift from a weaker to a stronger arrow may make crucial to the outcome of a battle or death.

How to Switch Arrows in Elden Ring

This is the place where you have to put the types of arrows to slots.

  • PS player: Arrow Type 1 (R1), Arrow Type 2 (R2)
  • Xbox gamers: Arrow Type 1 (RB), Arrow Type 2 (RT)
  • Players on PCs: Arrow Type 1 (LMB), Arrow Type 2 (LMB + Shift)

As opposed to other games that let you switch the arrows, you are not able to switch the arrows directly within Elden Ring. What you can do is assign buttons to two different types of arrows and make use of them at any time.

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  • Players can carry up to two kinds of arrows that they can alternate to. For example, one could comprise normal arrows, while another could include fire arrows.
  • As you are holding, you’re holding your bow (L2/LT) in your hands, press and hold LB to target and utilize the right stick to alter the target.
  • Use the keys R1/RB to fire Arrow Type 1 and R1/RB to light Arrow Type 1 and R2/RT to ignite Arrow Type 2.
  • Go to your Menu for Equipment and choose the slot you want to equip prior. They will generally be located in the Heavy and Light Attack slots of the character you are playing.
  • As you gain access to better archers or arrows with distinct advantages, place them with some of the slots, and hit the appropriate button to shoot them.

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After you’ve cleared that up, Now that you know the basics, we’ll show you ways to get access to all the good bows (locations). We also have a wealth of other content, including secrets and tricks guide to boss cheese and much more at Gamer Tweak, so be sure to look through the Elden Rings Guides while you’re on our site.

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