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How To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button

It is possible that your laptop’s parts will start to fail if you have used it for a while. This includes the main components on the inside as well as smaller components like the keyboard keys and the power button.

As you might expect, a damaged power button can cause serious problems.

It can make it difficult to turn on your computer. We have a comprehensive guide to help you Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button. You will find multiple ways to do the same once you reach the end of this guide.

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Laptop Power Button Does Not Work: How Do I Install a New Power Button on My Laptop?

First, install a new power button before you try any of the solutions to turning on your laptop without using the power button. It is faster and easier than any of these methods to turn on a laptop without the power button. These instructions are applicable to most laptops.

  • First, locate and order a power button compatible with your laptop.
  • Next, remove the laptop’s bottom cover with a screwdriver or other prying tools.
  • Once inside, take out the motherboard and keyboard to access your power button’s backside.
  • Finally, take out the power button and replace it with a new one. Before closing your laptop, make sure you connect the power button to the motherboard.
  • The power button can be used to turn your laptop on with ease.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button

If you are unable to locate a power button, or waiting for it to become available, you can still use your laptop without it. You have many options for turning your laptop on without the power button if you own a Windows laptop. You can even try one of these options for the same.

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Use a keyboard

The laptop keyboard is one of the easiest ways you can turn on your laptop without using a power button. This setting can be enabled from the BIOS on your laptop, as shown below:

  • To enter the BIOS, instead of Windows, press F2, F10 or the DEL key while turning on your laptop.
  • Go to Power Management Settings and you will find the Power on by Keyboard function, or something similar.
  • This will enable you to select this option. You can also exit the program by pressing F10.
  • You can now turn your laptop on even if it is off by pressing any key on the keyboard.

Use the Motherboard

This hardware-based method is for those who are unable to turn on their laptop to access the BIOS to change the keyboard or other settings. Although it’s not practical for daily use, you can turn on your laptop with the motherboard in certain cases.

  • Begin by opening the laptop’s bottom cover and taking out the motherboard with the right tools.
  • After you have taken out the motherboard, ensure that all connections remain intact.
  • The power button connections can be removed from the motherboard. You can then shorten the pins 1 through 3 with a metal screwdriver. This will allow you to turn your laptop on immediately.
  • You can then access the BIOS to modify any settings you have made after installing the motherboard.

The Clock Battery Method

The clock battery method is another hardware option that can be used to turn on your laptop without using the main power button. It can reset your BIOS settings, but it is much quicker than the motherboard method.

  • First, open your laptop using a screwdriver or other prying tools.
  • Disconnect the battery cable that is not connected to your laptop’s charger cable.
  • After that, you can remove the clock battery and the CMOS batteries from your laptop motherboard.
  • The battery will then be connected to your computer. After that, your computer will turn on automatically.

A Wall Socket

Some laptops allow you to force-start your laptop with the wall socket charger, just like the clock battery method. You will need to open your laptop and follow these instructions.

  • Begin by opening up your laptop with the appropriate tools. Next, remove the bottom cover to access the motherboard.
  • Now, disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard and connect your laptop charger.
  • Your laptop will automatically turn on as soon as it receives power from the wall. This will allow you to access it quickly.

Use the Laptop Lid

Although you may already be using the lid of your laptop to put it to sleep, it can be used for turning it on even if it is not turned off. You can do the same by changing the BIOS settings, as shown here.

  • After turning on your laptop with the power button, the hardware methods described above, press F2, F10 or the DEL key to access its BIOS.
  • After accessing the same, open its Power Management tab or Power Settings tab.
  • Find and enable Power on with Open Lid here. Save your settings by pressing F10.
  • Now, when you open the lid of your laptop it will automatically turn off the power button.

Use Wake On LAN

You can use the LAN connection, which is similar to the keyboard and lid of your laptop to turn it on without having to press the power button. This feature, like others similar features, must be enabled in the BIOS.

  • First, you will need to access the BIOS by using any of these settings that were discussed in this guide.
  • Go to Power Management and enable Wake on LAN. You can do this by pressing F10 on the keyboard.
  • Next, press Windows Key + X to open Device Manager in Windows
  • Find your network adapter by clicking on it and then open its Properties. You will need to choose the Allow this device wake the computer option under the Power Management tab.
  • Also, you will need to enable Wake on magic packet under the Advanced tab.
  • You can also use any supported router app or networking app on any device on your network, to turn on your laptop via its LAN connection.


Even if your laptop is inoperable, you will still need to use the power button until it is fixed. All laptops have multiple options to turn them on, so you don’t need the main power button. We have provided a detailed guide above.

There are many ways to access your laptop. You can use one of these methods instead of pressing the power button. After reading this information, please feel free to comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below!

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