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How To Use Bloodhound Step Elden Ring?

Hunting for the Bloodhound Step Elden Ring offers some very wild Ashes of War that allow you to do anything, from conjure magic seeking swords to performing a somersault on foes. However, one ash-of-war, in particular, is more useful than all the others in terms of utility. Bloodhound’s Step is it.

You will encounter Bloodhound Knights at various points. They can disappear in a cloud and reappear right before you. Bloodhound’s Step is a way to do that. This is basically a faster version of quickstep, but it can also be used to traverse, such as zooming through poison swamps.

Malenia is a later boss. This allows you to avoid her Waterfowl Dance attack (which kills most people during boss fights). One drawback to this is obtaining the Bloodhound’s step ash of war. Your boss will be a Night’s Cavalry tanky. You don’t have to fight it. However, the Bloodhound Claws can be obtained by defeating the Bloodhound Knight at Volcano Manor. This Skill also has the ability.

The Bloodhound Step Ash of War: Stats & Description

Affinity: KEEN

Weapon types All melee weapons

FP use: 5

Here’s the Bloodhound Step in-game description:

This Skill allows you to temporarily disappear while avoiding at high speed. This Skill allows you to move faster and further than regular quick steps. This Skill can be used for circling around lock-on targets.

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You can control the direction and speed of Bloodhound Step by holding the direction button on the analog stick. With the right timing, it’s very effective in avoiding enemy attacks.

Location: Bloodhound Step Ash of War

You will need to travel to northeast Caelid to find Bloodhound Step. This is a dangerous part of the map, especially if you are very early in the game. The Lenne’s Rise place of grace is located east of the bridge leading to B*stial Sanctum. Lenne’s rise is close to the B*stial Sanctum, so it’s easy to reach. However, you can also explore Limgrave for more safety. There’s a send gate that will take you directly there.

The sending gate can be found by walking east from the Third Church of Marika, the site of grace. The sending gate will be right in front.

Once you have teleported to the B*stial Sanctum, head south, crossing the great bridge and watching out for the dragon, then head east to locate the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace. Rest and adjust the timer to night once you have reached it. You will find Night’s Cavalry on the smaller bridge to the north.

Bloodhound Step Ash Of War: How to defeat Night’s Cavalry boss

The Night’s Cavalry boss, at least in HP terms, is much more powerful than Godrick. You’ll also be hit hard by it, so prepare for a difficult fight if your goal is to compete with Night’s Cavalry. There is an easier way.

If you have the recipe and the ingredients, you can use Lenne’s Rise site to grace for some Poison Pots and Poisonbone Darts. These aren’t essential, but they can help speed things up. If you have the resources, make some neutralizing bolts and equip your best armor with the immunity status. You can boost your immunity by using cured immune meat.

You will need to add your new poison items to your inventory before you can ride up to Night’s Cavalry boss. After pelting it with one or two items, sprint up the hill north. You will encounter small enemies and poison traps along this trail. Although the enemies are simple to avoid, you want to set off traps with Night’s Cavalry close behind. You must get the Night’s Cavalry boss to poison you, as it will continue to decline in health. As you climb up the hill, make sure to avoid its attacks. You can probably avoid poisoning yourself if you have decent immunity armor. However, you should take a few Neutralizing Boluses in case you are poisoned.

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The Night’s Cavalry boss at the top will either turn around or respawn at its bridge location. However, it’ll still be poisoned. You can ride back up, hit it with another poison potion, and then continue the cat-and-mouse chase up the hill. The poison eventually wears it down, and it will die. You’ll be rewarded with 40,000 runes as well as a Bloodhound Step.

It’s possible that the poison doesn’t take too long to work. I took off half of the Night’s Cavalry boss’s life when it died randomly. I’ve also read stories about other players experiencing the same thing. The boss may die immediately if the poison status is applied to your spawn. Even if the poison doesn’t work, it will eventually.

This isn’t the only way to defeat this boss, but it is an option.

  • To reduce his health, you can climb on the tree that extends over the bridge.
  • With the right moves, you can likely kite him from the bridge to his death (this is possible with the Night’s Cavalry of Limgrave).
  • You can also parry Night’s Cavalry if you feel daring for an instant dismount.
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