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HP Omen 27i Review By Top Gamers

HP Omen 27i Review: Over the past decade, I have owned a wide variety of computer monitors. These range from Ultrawide LG models to gigantic 40-something inch AOC monsters that make everyone wonder if it’s a TV in disguise. One monitor that I have yet to own is a premium model. 

Despite the fact that my monitors have cost me in the $500-$500 range, I have never owned a monitor that felt that expensive simply because of its build quality. Apple’s new Pro Display XDR monitors caught my eye and I wanted to pamper myself with something luxurious and eye-catching. 

Even though I could justify spending $5,000 on a monitor, no matter how much I estimated the cost of the monitor’s recovery through my work, I couldn’t justify it. Instead, I searched for the best monitor in the $500 price range and found the HP Omen27i monitor. I was in desperate need of a premium monitor that is gaming-focused.

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HP Omen 27i Review: FRESH REDESIGN

The Omen 27i retails at $450 and is dedicated to improving on previous Omen monitors. Although I didn’t think any of the Omen monitors before them were ugly, their crimson eye (or flowers?) appealed to me. Logo and brick-walled design. The new design was a complete overhaul. I was immediately drawn to its elegant, symmetrical form. It’s a rectangular frame with a lit up cube inside. It’s beautiful.

Although the monitor is not as solidly built as the Apple one I was lusting over, it has a much better feel than the ones I am used to. This is simply because it isn’t made of glossy black plastic. It was something I didn’t notice until I bought the Omen.

Every monitor I own has a glossy body. The Omen’s matte black shell makes it stand out from the rest. This monitor isn’t the most costly I’ve ever purchased. Although it’s not the most expensive monitor I have purchased from Best Buy it does give off an impression that it is.

We have a 2560x1440p IPS panel for $450 that is bright, vibrant, and enjoyable to look at. The Omen’s color control makes it one of my favorite color reproduction panels. Although I don’t need a color-accurate display for editing purposes in the last few years, I wouldn’t mind using it if I were still working in this field. This display is a great gaming tool because the blacks are able to dig deep into the depths of darkness. We’ll be discussing that right now.

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This Omen is a Quad HD display and can also push up to 165Hz refresh rate . Modern gamers love seeing these numbers on a panel. The Omen is a small 27 inch with both NVIDIA GPU-SYNC (and FreeSync compatible) and covers all bases. The combination of build quality and specifications is very impressive in this price range.

The standthe Omen is also a favorite of mine. The stand is beautifully chamfered to keep the product’s simplicity in mind. It can be used as a monitor stand by raising and lowering the display to your preference. You can place your headset on the arm’s top with little wings extensions. The crack at the center of the stand is where I keep my mouse and keyboard cables. 

This helps to keep the setup neat, but it can also make the setup look more cluttered. The stand’s base can be a problem depending on how big your desk is. It is designed to extend in a diamond shape towards you. It takes up more space than other basic monitor stands. Although I like the design of the base, it takes up some space on my small workbench.

The Omen’s gaming flair is provided by the slanted cube, which uses a basic RGB ambient lighting. My setup has a red accent wall behind my monitor so I don’t get the full benefit of it as often as I would like. A small RGB lamp is located under the frame, where the Omen text is. It emits a mood lighting color onto its base. This is a beautiful aesthetic touch that I like more than the previous generation Omen designs.

This can be connected to your computer using either an HDMI slot or the DisplayPort. This monitor is paired with my CyberPower Gamer Supreme tower. I find that I am not using it to its full potential, even though I play 1440p games at high settings. That is because I don’t touch 144Hz very often, if at all. I am an elderly man who suffers from headaches after playing AAA games. It’s a waste of time for my eyes, even though I don’t know how kids manage to play Fortnite or other FPS games for hours. It’s still nice to be proud of the specs of your monitor, even if it doesn’t exceed its limits.


The monitor ticks all the boxes for me. It is not just a piece of furniture, but also a monitor with high-quality specs. The Omen 27i is missing onboard speakers and HDR functionality . I am fine with the omission of both, as I already have speakers sets and a TV with HDR for XBox and Playstation gaming. This monitor is a great example of HP’s design and, with the regular price drops that we see on it, should be high up on many gamers’ short lists.

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