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Hunter x Hunter Filler List

It is hard to express how I enjoy writing about my favorite anime. Although it’s a list of fillers, I am excited about it! Here is a full Hunter x Hunter Filler List for you to enjoy!

Hunter is an animated series that discusses many of the things we see worldwide. It discusses humanity, the difference between good and evil, revenge, rage, and anger.

There are many ways to approach Hunter x Hunter, but humanity and both sides are most common. The Chimera Ant Arc (HxH) is my favorite shounen arch. This arc is about a coin with two sides: Anger and Light. It asks you which side you believe in.

Let’s now move on to fillers in Hunter x Hunter. Although it’s disappointing that HxH only has two fillers, they are both well-worth watching!

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Without further delay, let’s get started!

Filler Episodes

13, 26

Mixed-Canon Episodes

5-6, 12, 23-24, 148

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Mixed-Canon Episodes That Are Worth-Watching

Hunter x Hunter has only two filler episodes, which are simply summary fillers. As the name implies, a summary filler is an episode that summarizes the events of the previous arc or a few episodes from the past.

These are some Mixed-Canon Episodes you’ll love to watch!

Hisoka Is Sneaky

The fifth and sixth episodes of Hunter x Hunter’s first season are mixed-canon episodes. They primarily revolve around Hisoka.

How can I describe Hisoka? To begin, I would describe him as eccentric and a bit crazy. He is a lot more powerful than Gon and his buddies. Although he isn’t a maniac killer, he loves a good fight.

This episode features Hisoka in action, his first appearance. He takes on a group of self-righteous people who try to prevent him from passing the Hunter Examination. But he does it in one blow!

 This episode also features Gon sparring for the first time. It is well worth the effort! He toys with Gon, but he sees a lot in Gon and saves him for some reason.

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Zoldyck Mansion

Episodes 23 and 24 are full of crazy vibes about the Zoldyck Family.

All the family members are available for us to meet, and most of them, I would agree. These characters are all amazing and very different, even though they are related.

It is difficult to be a Zoldyck. The training they go through is intense. They are all very powerful, with the most powerful being old guy Zeo. He is likely the second or third most character on the show.

This two-episode mixed anime canon was a joy to watch, particularly episode 24, “The x Zoldyck x Family.” This episode is pure gold. Killua is killed, and his bond with his father. Illumi and his antiques were the only things that were missing.

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