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IMAP Migration Facts | What Should You Know About IMAP Migration?

Migrating your email to the newest version of Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 can be done without interrupting service. IMAP migration will move all the emails from your previous system to the new one, and there’s no need for downtime.

The admin starts the migration process by opening the ‘Exchange Administration Center’ or the ‘Exchange Management Shell,’ allowing user content to migrate to an Exchange mailbox.

An IMAP migration process will vary, depending on which email product you are using. Still, the overall process for an IMAP migration to a cloud-based email service starts with the exchange administrator obtaining the full name. To migrate email accounts, the administrator typically would use spreadsheet software to create a CSV file with information about each account that needs to be migrated.

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How does IMAP Migration work?

1. In the beginning, you must create your users in Microsoft or Office 365 and assign licenses to them before IMAP migration to Office 365 can work. Mailboxes must exist in Microsoft or Office 365 to use this method.

2. Check your IMAP source email system and get the information you need to migrate. If you plan to migrate your domain, verify that you own your domain with your domain registrar. Depending on which email service you are migrating from, you might need to configure some settings. You should also ensure that the domain you want is verified in the appropriate system.

3. Display changes to users: It’s advisable to let users know about your email migration plans and how it affects them. Email template they can use in the future, what they need to do before, during, and after migration.

4. Set up admin credentials: To migrate email content, you would need an account with permissions (admin) or an administrative level username and password for each account.

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5. You can also use the Migrations Page or setup instructions in the Admin Center to migrate from IMAP systems such as Gmail,, or

6. In order to successfully migrate your email, you need to connect and communicate with the source email system. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 will use a migration endpoint for this connection and settings must be configured regarding the endpoint.

After the IMAP migration is complete, you can change the endpoint address to point to your new email server. And then delete the migration batch so it’s no longer syncing with Gmail servers. Once this is done, your new email system will be operational, and all outgoing messages will now go directly through the new server.

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If you’re comfortable with what migration involves and are considering moving to Microsoft 365 or Office 365, it’s time to get started! If you are still confused, it’s better to take guidance from a third-party provider. Apps4Rent who also expertise in providing services like Windows Cloud Desktop would be the best choice for your successful migration process.


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