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In macOS 11.4 update Apple has fixed the excessive M1 Mac SSD

Reporting tools that reported heavy wear on SSDs in Apple Silicon MacBooks have been fixed by macOS 11.4

Solid State Drives (SSDs) can only be written once before they become useless. However, it can take many years. In February 2021, a series of reports about SSDs in Macs showed that their life expectancy was significantly reduced.

An AppleInsider source from Apple, who was not authorized to speak for the company, stated that the issue was due to a data reporting problem within the tools used for reporting SSD wear. It was not believed that the SSD was experiencing hardware issues. The source also said that the SSDs were not aging faster due to RAM swaps or other causes.

This same source informed AppleInsider that this issue was fixed in the most recent version of macOS. AppleInsider can now confirm that macOS 11.4 has proper uptime statistics, which was impossible before.

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Users on Twitter, including Hector Martin (a developer working on the Linux port of Apple Silicon), have also reported that the issue has been resolved.

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Update: This fix was initially implemented in beta versions of macOS 11.4. It was released in macOS 11.4 and made public. Keep up-to-date with all Apple news from your HomePod. You can say, “Hey Siri, play AppleInsider,” and you’ll receive the latest AppleInsider Podcast. Ask your HomePod mini to play “AppleInsider daily,” and you’ll get a quick update from our news team. If you are interested in Apple-centric automation, you can say, “Hey Siri, play HomeKit Insider,” and you will be listening to our latest podcast in a matter of seconds.

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