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Is Ben Is Back Based On True Story?

After making its way to Netflix at the end of last week, the drama film 2018 Ben Returns is receiving an additional boost, and many more eyes have been spotted following its debut and leaving viewers in awe of the film’s story. Find out Is Ben Is Back Based On True Story?

Produced by Peter Hedges, Ben Is Back is the story of 19-year-old Ben Burns (Lucas Hedges) after appearing at the home of his family’s suburban residence on Christmas Eve to have a short break from the rehabilitation facility where he’s been in for the past several months.

Ben’s mother, Holly (Julia Roberts), is thrilled to meet her son but is cautious about her addiction to drugs and how his mental instability could impact her children. In 24 hours of turmoil, new facts are exposed, and a mom’s dedication to the child she has raised is tested when Holly will go to any measures to ensure that Ben is free of drugs.

Although the film was met with praise from critics, it was not the biggest box office hit, and its debut on Netflix will provide the chance for millions of viewers across the globe to watch Ben is back for The first time. If you’re wondering whether the heart-wrenching film is based on a true story, We’ve got your back.

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Is Ben Is Back Based on a True Story?

It’s not. Ben Returns is an original work of fiction created by the brilliant screenwriter, Oscar Award-nominated director, playwright, writer, and playwright Peter Hedges.

While Hedges might have drawn inspiration from his own experience being a member of a household afflicted by addiction and alcoholism, the story and the characters are just an invention of his imagination. Any similarity to actual people is probably accidental or not intended at all.

But the story is true and paints an emotional depiction of struggling to navigate suburban life and family amid the chaos in the home, and thus feels like a real or, at the very least, a compelling tale to a large number of viewers.

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