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Is Chrisley Knows Best Scripted?

USA Network viewers have become familiar and bonded with their Chrisley family since the show’s premiere in 2014.

From Nanny Faye’s gambling to Grayson and Savannah trying to become their dad’s top choice to Todd’s pranks and Chase’s hilarious reactions, There’s no doubt that Chrisley Knows Best has been a hit with viewers for over eight years. It may be so good by 2022 some of the fans are beginning to wonder if Chrisley Knows Best has been scripted.

Nanny Faye, Julie, and Todd, along with their three children, are the program’s main characters. They provide viewers with an insight into their lavish lives in Atlanta and, most recently, Tennessee.

Despite their presumed fame and fortune, Chrisleys have faced many tragedies with bearing, including Nanny Faye getting confirmed to have cancer and the death of their Aunt Francis.

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Is Chrisley Knows best based on an actual family?

Yes, the characters in Chrisley Knows Best are actual family members.

Nanny Faye was Todd Chrisley’s mom. His father died in 2012.

Todd, as well as Julie Chrisley, married in 1996. The same year the son of their marriage, Chase is born. Chase, Savannah, and Grayson are Julie and Todd’s kids.

Todd owns two sons, Lindsie and Kyle, from a previous marriage; however, they are not appearing as guests on Chrisley Knows Best. The youngest member of Chrisley’s children Chrisley group is Chloe. She’s the granddaughter of Todd and Kyle’s daughter.

Is Chrisley Knows Best scripted?

Chrisley is the one who knows Best isn’t a scripted show, but the show isn’t entirely “real”, also as per Todd Chrisley’s lawyer, Bruce Morris.

Let us explain. Ahead of an interview exclusive to Life and Style Magazine in January 2022, Todd stated that his entire family “can’t get scripted.”

However, Insider announced on August 20, 2022, that Morris claimed: “Much of what is stated on the reality TV show isn’t real Some of it is true, but some of it not, but the love and affection of the close-knit family are true.”

Morris was a witness in an in-court case involving Todd and Julie. In a demonstration of what he was saying about having to be “real,” Morris said in the episode Chrisley Knows Best, Todd stated that the family spends “about $300,000 annually for clothes.”

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“He was in bankruptcy at the time,” Morris told the 16-person jury. “It’s an element of excitement. It’s part of the spectacle. It’s all part of the show.”

Are the shows going to be canceled in 2022?

Even with that family’s legal problems for 2022, Chrisley Knows Best hasn’t been pulled from the air.

According to the Insider report, Todd’s lawyer stated: “USA Network ‘loves’ the show and has just renewed the show for a 10th season.”

Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best continues running until June 23, 2022. The date for the start of season 10 has not yet been announced.

Savannah, as well as Chase’s spin-off series, Growing Up Chrisley, is moving to E! Entertainment for 2022. It will start on September 14.

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