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Is Elizabeth Leaving General Hospital?

In a recent American soap General Hospital episode, Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin, a recurring character, decided to end the story. Like all fans, if you also want to know Is Elizabeth Leaving General Hospital, then here find your answer!

We discuss why Elizabeth will not be in the story and fans’ online reactions to the exit.

The Guinness World Record holds the American soap opera with the longest-running run in American production for its daytime counterpart, which has been broadcast for 59 years. After Guiding Light, the soap is the second-longest-running series in history.

General Hospital: New Year, New Drama Promotional Trailer

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General Hospital’s Story: Why Elizabeth is quitting

General Hospital’s Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Episode saw Elizabeth speak out and state that she feels like a threat to all of her family members.

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Elizabeth realized that she had to seek treatment. Laura comforted Elizabeth by assuring them that her loved ones would ensure she received the best care possible.

Kevin suggested that Elizabeth seek treatment at Shadybrook, and Finn accepted his feelings.

Elizabeth says goodbye to Violet, Cameron, and Finn in Elizabeth’s final scene. She added, “Tell your boys that I love them and will be back as soon as possible.”

Laura is a loving grandmother who supports her grandchildren Elizabeth, and her sons. The best family unit on the show.

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Why does Elizabeth require treatment?

Franco haunts Elizabeth after he has been shot and killed in recent episodes.

Elizabeth believed she was being haunted or that Franco’s mom was responsible for the torching of Franco’s art studio and the destruction of Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

It turned out that Elizabeth was trapped in a trance during all the terrible things happening around her due to her turbulent past.

West Coast, Elizabeth finally sees the big picture. What is her willingness to go to defend her family?

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Twitter responds to Elizabeth’s farewell.

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