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Is Finn Alive In Bold And Beautiful | B&B Spoiler Alert!!

The Naysayers were right: Bold & Beautiful’s Finn is still alive – Tanner Novlan’s Still on the Show! Here are all the insiders on Is Finn Alive In Bold And Beautiful for the fans. Let’s get started!

Many people suspected Finn was alive, and the clues continued to pile up to support our theory. As confirmed in the Monday, May 23rd episode, Steffy is about to realize her dreams. Tanner Novlan, Sheila’s presumed deceased son, is still on The Bold and the Beautiful.

It was strange that Finn was not given a memorial or a bedside farewell after being shot in the back by his mother, Sheila while trying to save his wife from being hit with a bullet. Fans were in a commotion to believe that Finn had just died and gone, just like that! Although it was understandable that Li declined Sheila’s request for the last visit to her biological child, there was no mention of what happened to Finn’s body.

Now that Finn is alive, Li and Jack know that their son didn’t die and make arrangements for Finn’s removal. But wouldn’t the hospital know if he was alive? Perhaps not. Jack and Li are both doctors, so they would be able to navigate any type of red tape.

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On Monday, Li said to Steffy that Sheila had shot Finn. She refused to discuss the possibility of a memorial or scattering his remains. Steffy felt a strange vibe from this, but she explained that it was Li’s way of grieving for her son.

Like that, Li was back inside a room, ranting over Sheila and the harsh world they all lived in. The camera panted in as she ran her cloth across her son’s forehead.

Are Finn and Steffy in a coma? Or did they wake up from the ordeal without any memory of the shooting, his wife, or his son?

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We have many questions and need to know the answers. So stay tuned!

As we wait for the latest back from the dead twist to unfold, remember the moments of Finn’s and Steffy’s wild romance.

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