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Is Noah Reid Gay | Every Detail About His Career And Awards!

It’s not a novel trend for fans to presume the actors that play their favorite gay characters would have gay friends in the real world too. The same is true for Canadian actor Noah Reid, who played David’s lover in the film Schitt’s Creek. But not much information about their private character of his. Let’s dive into Noah’s personal life and sexuality to answer the question: is Noah Reid gay?

Is Noah Reid Gay?

Actor Noah Reid appeared as David Rose’s love lover Patrick Brewer in the Canadian comedy show Schitt’s Creek. Since then, many fans have claimed that Noah Reid is sexually gay, like his co-star Dan Levy, who is openly gay. But, this doesn’t seem like the situation for Noah Reid. Unfortunately for all those who want Noah Reid to be gay, He isn’t. Based on the data available about him, we can conclude Noah Reid is a straight male. Noah Reid is a straight male.

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In an interview about his character, Noah stated, “I didn’t feel a need to play anything or put on anything aside from the feelings that the character had for David Rose.” Noah also said, “I think we all know at this stage in the game that sexuality is a spectrum and gender is a spectrum.”

In July 2020, however, Noah tied the wedding to his long-time companion, Clare Stone. In January 2019, Noah posted a picture of Clare declaring their wedding on Instagram. The caption on the photo reads, “Roommates For Life.”


Noah Reid’s journey into the entertainment industry started out as a voice-over artist. In 1997 Noah was the voice of the character of Franklin in the animated show Franklin until 2004. In that same year, Reid recorded his character Tommy Settergren in the animated film Pippi Longstocking. Then, he continued as doing voice-over artist on several animated films such as Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993-1999), Bad Dog (1998-2000) and Babar the King of the Elephants (1999). Noah continued to be the voice of Gunther Breech in the tv program Jane and the Dragon (2006).

Additionally, in 2002 Noah took on the character of Marshall Wheeler in the sci-fi show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. Reid was also part of a T.V. film titled Terry in 2005. He also appeared on the show “As the Whirly Turns.” In 2010, Noah received his first major part on the screen in Score: A Hockey Musical.

Then, in 2016, he released the debut of his album entitled Songs from A Broken Chair. But, in the year 2017, he scored his biggest breakthrough when Patrick Brewer played him in Schitt’s Creek. Patrick Brewer is David Rose’s love lover.

Noah Redi was also seen in Cardinals, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017. Alongside a myriad of T.V. shows and films, Noah was involved in a successful career in the theatre as well, with his most well-known performances, like Bartholomew Fair, Dead Metaphor, and A Woman is a Secret.

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The actor is now Noah and will be a part of the Amazon Prime Video’s Outer Range during the next few days. Billy Tillerson, the youngest of the three brothers, will play the role of Billy Tillerson on the show.


The Stratford Festival honored Noah with the John Hirsch Award in the year 2009. For his film People Hold On, he was nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Song in the year 2016. Noah Reid’s latest album Gemini released in the year 2020. Noah’s album was featured at least three times on Billboard lists. On Schitt’s Creek show, Patrick’s character won Noah a Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2019.

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