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Is Obito Alive? How Did Obito Survive?

One of the most adored charcter in the Naruto series was Obito Uchiha. He aspired to be Hokage one day.

In the Third Great Ninja War, Obito got crushed badly under a big rock. the fans were disheartened to see their favorite charcter die so soon like that.

Here’s a good news for you all, that Obito is still alive. Yes, you heard that right. But how did Obito survive and why did he turn evil? let’s find out in this post!

Is Tobi and Obito the same person?

No, Obito and tobi are two different characters. Obito took the get up of Tobi as everyone thought that Obito was dead. Just to know what his enemies and the person who betrayed him thought about him, he introduced himself as Tobi.

Is Obito still alive in Boruto?

We could see that Obito finally died in 4th shinobi war.

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Who is stronger Obito or Kakashi?

Since the very start Kakashi is shown stronger than Obito in every perspective. But with time Obito get stronger and even more powerful.

Who saved Obito when he died?

Zetsu saved Obito from dying.

Why Obito turn evil?

After Rin’s death, Obito felt betrayed and hopeless. Hence, he turned into an evil character and this lead to Fourth Great Ninja War.

Who betrayed Obito?

Madara was the one who betyrayed Obito.

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