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Is Ryan Paevey Gay? Everything Stated!

Ryan Paevey hit the limelight for his performance on ABCs General Hospital. It ran for a period of time from 1963 until 2018. Before his character on the show as Nathan West in this series, he was also a part of various shows. Paevey has a name that is an American actor and model who has worked with big Hollywood celebrities such as Kate Perry and Cher.

However, there is not much known about his private life. Many of his fans are asking if Paevey is married.

Is Ryan Paevey Gay?

Ryan Paevey is rumored to be gay after being photographed multiple times with co-stars. Ryan Paevey hasn’t spoken publicly about his sexuality.

However, he has been linked to several women before, so we can say that He isn’t homosexual for certain.

He’s currently employed for General Hospital and hasn’t even considered making plans to settle down. Additionally, Paevey has not said anything about being either single or engaged or not.

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Paevey is a native of Torrance, California, and spent his childhood living in Los Angeles as the youngest of three children. Parents were Les Vlieger and Linda Paevey. There is a sister, Kaitlyn and with whom she is extremely close.

Paevey took part in track and cross-country during high school. His interests include playing video games, surfing, which he played with his father when he was a kid, and cooking.

In his free moments, the performer creates jewelry. He also speaks French or Japanese. Paevey can be described as half Indonesian as well as Dutch and has a family here in America. The United States.


Paevey started his modeling career before making it to the top. As of 2010, Paevey participated as an athlete on The Amazing Race with his sister. It was their second time losing the race.

In 2011, he was a part of an untitled short film South Beach: The Game, winning numerous awards.

Before when Paevey was a part of General Hospital in 2015, Paevey had been on several shows like The Bay, Forget Me Not, Oceans Rising, and Daytime Divas.

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Modeling Career

Ryan appeared in major brands’ marketing after he started modeling. Ryan has worked with famous names such as Kate Perry, Gilt, and Deals.

Paevey is also a keen gamer and can be found playing Clash Royale on his YouTube channel.

Their attractive body of Ryan also earned him Paevey video appearances in various songs, including The Your Body and Therapy. In the first, Ryan appeared in Christina Aguillera’s video. He was also in Robin Thicke’s film as his counterpart.

Ryan’s Private Life

The actor has been reticent about his private life. There is speculation that he has had relationships with actors Emily Kinney, Brett Dier, and Chandler Massey. There aren’t many details about his current relationships or social media profiles.

Additionally, he hasn’t disclosed who his ideal partner is. Maybe, Paevey wants to keep his private life out of the spotlight. The actor could be engaged or dating someone in private, but he doesn’t want to divulge more details about his feelings on the subject.

Ryan Paevey’s net worth

Paevey has an estimated wealth of $400k, according to our analysis. Most of his income through General Hospital and other acting roles on shows like The Bay and Forget Me Not paid him handsomely. The show’s profile has also allowed him to earn some decent money working in the role of an actor. His previous work, such as Oceans Rising and The Amazing Race, added to the value of his assets.

Paevey is very active on social media and has more than 200k users on Instagram and 60,000 on Twitter. He frequently shares pictures on the web of him doing his surfing or hanging out with friends.

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Is Ryan Paevey Married?

The actor and model are currently dating a woman. Ryan Paevey has never talked about his girlfriend or wife in the spotlight. He hasn’t even revealed the name of his partner. He hasn’t even given any indications about his sexuality or whether there is a relationship. Paevey hasn’t spoken about his relationship in the past as, well.

Ryan Paevey has been linked to several females in the past. However, this was not a matter of relationship speculation. The actor attended in 2016 a Midsummer Night Scream Halloween party with a female pal.

Some fans believe that he’s been in secret with his fellow co-star Kelly Thiebaud for a year since she was at the same Halloween party. They have denied any rumors and have said they’re just friends.

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