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Is Sarah Alive In Who Killed Sarah?

We are back for the mystery of Who killed Sarah. The show returned for the finale to close the mystery dragging into the second season. What do you think Is Sarah Alive In Who Killed Sarah?

The stakes are never greater, and, for a brief moment, it seems that Sara could be alive. The Lazcano family is in a state of disintegration and has been declared bankrupt.

Who killed Sarah introduced an unidentified Reinaldo to the show. The character was then a mysterious part of the puzzle of the past. A lot is happening in the final season. If there are any doubts, we will explain the story’s ending.

What happens in season 3 of Who Killed Sarah?

Season 3 begins by opening Sara’s grave to reveal an empty coffin. While a jubilant crowd watches, the police inspector announces that the murder investigation is over, and the hunt is underway for a missing individual.

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The first major revelation of the new year Who murdered Sarah is about Marifer. Alex receives a message stating she is the person everybody believed died in a fiery accident and is still alive. She is close to dying, having burns everywhere on her body.

Yet, Marifer manages to reveal to Alex that she knows Alex, her psychiatrist Dr. Alanis, and Nicandro were the ones responsible for her sister’s death. In addition, in the third season, Who killed Sarah is crucial to uncovering the destiny of The Lazcano family.

Caesar’s rogue transactions are discovered after Eliza burns down the gambling establishment. This causes the family to lose their fortune. Caesar himself flees for a time into Seychelles with the funds they’ve left. But, he’s returned when Alex took care of his banks.

Then, Jose Maria (Chema) is in jail. In prison, a tense encounter causes Alex to question his sexuality. Alex is also able to discover that Sara survived the parachute incident. She was in a secret place where she gave birth to an infant daughter in the past.

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Reinaldo is the person behind the whole plot to kidnap Sara, even though everyone believes that she’s deceased. The character is an old friend of Caesar who had not been on the show Who killed Sarah earlier. Then, we learn that Reinaldo is looking for a cure for schizophrenia. This is why he conducts cruel tests on Sara. Reinaldo refers to his experiment as”the Medusa Project.

Is Sara Alive In Who Killed Sarah or dead?

Her daughter Sara Lucia can flee from Reinaldo’s house. Through this escape, she encounters Alex at first and discovers that she’s been held hostage by the scientists and his men. Alex decides to seek his revenge by breaking into Medusa’s laboratory, equipped to the teeth.

He rescues Lucia and locates Reinaldo, who is killed. However, he discovers that Sara passed away shortly after her daughter’s birth. Rodolfo is wounded in the attack and later dies. Cesar confesses to his crime and is also blamed for the murder of Sara’s father, Abel Martinez, and is detained.

Alex discovers Sara’s grave in the medical facility and reports the incident in the presence of the police. The mystery is finally resolved in ” Who Killed Sarah,” which is concluded by bringing Alex, Elisa, Chema, and Lucia with the police as they are digging up a large cemetery that lies behind Medusa’s medical facility.

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Who killed Sarah? Find out which character is alive?

In the course of Season 3, We believe Sara is alive. The possibility that Alex discovers her alive is very plausible. The season starts by finding Sara’s tombstone empty.

The brother tries to enter Medusa’s secure facility with the help of his sister and niece, but with no success. When Alex finally confronts Reinaldo, the devastating end of Sara’s tale is discovered. The Medusa facility was where Sara was tortured for years to create a schizophrenia medication. She was subjected to research and development.

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