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Is Zendaya Pregnant | Truth Or Rumors!

Zendaya along with Tom Holland is setting major goals for their relationship, and fans are eager to learn more about the couple who are a force to be reckoned with.

With the steamy romance and the huge success of Spider-Man, The”No Way Home Rumors are circulating that Zendaya is expecting Tom’s child by 2022.

On TikTok, you’ve likely seen a couple of videos that assert to “reveal” Zendaya’s pregnancy, but this isn’t the case.

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Although people would like to watch Zendaya and Tom move on in their relationship The actress isn’t pregnant with the child of her boyfriend.

These rumors originate from TikToks, which predicts the future of Zendaya in 2022, which includes engagement and pregnancy.

But, they are bogus assertions with no proof to support these claims. Both Zendaya and Tom have responded to these claims or even suggested being engaged.

Some have gone even further than taking Zendaya’s pictures off of her red carpet looks to create the illusion that she’s expecting. Beware of these!

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How LONG have they been together?

For a long time, the public was in the dark about the duo’s relationship status because of their on and off relationship reports.

They teamed up on the screen as a couple in 2016 as love-interests Peter Parker and MJ.

The two began to attract attention when fans saw their staged chemistry with the two came to life on red carpet appearances as well as on other occasions.

A source in 2017 reported to the publication that the two actors were together, but kept their distance in order to keep the relationship private.

The actress denied dating rumors over and over throughout the years until they were caught kissing at an intersection at a red light in Los Angeles in July 2021.

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Some people believed that Zendaya is pregnant. Here’s how some of them responded via Twitter…

One tweet, “My friend said Zendaya could be pregnant, and she needs to be sure that her bump doesn’t show in the pictures”

Some fans also that the latest rumors resembled Rihanna’s fake pregnancy. A  Twitter post read, “If Rihanna and Zendaya are expecting, I’ll do a self-check.

A different “If I hear that Zendaya’s pregnant, I’ll be joining”the Sinister Six,” wrote another fan.

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