Jougans Abilities | 10 Things You Need To Know About Jougan

Fans were instantly interested in Boruto’s design when a Flash-forward revealed an older Boruto Umaki. Both his Jougan as well as his karma were named over time. His Jougan remains a mystery. Only a few times has Boruto’s Jougan been seen in action. It is not known how much this kekkei-Genkai extends.

Even Jougan’s creators may not fully comprehend what it can and cannot do. According to what we know about the Jougan, the Eye is very powerful. Although the power of the Eye has not been fully revealed, we do know a lot about it.

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Jougans Abilities

How did Boruto obtain the Jogan eye, you ask?

It is a hereditary condition that means that he was born with it. Boruto was able to quickly show it off by someone else. He got the Jogan eyes because he is closest to Otsuki, so it is not just due to his genetics, which is close to Otsuki.

Momoshikialways states that you have a lot of otsuki power, as you can see from the video. It all starts at 2:29

As I mentioned before, Boruto was born in the same way as Sasuke (Sharingan eyes), Neji (Byakugan eyes), and Neji (Sharingan eyes). So they learn how to use these eyes slowly. That’s what Boruto is doing now.

Boruto’s Eye is the strongest and oldest Eye in Naruto’s Anime World. This is due to its ability to contain all of the abilities of other eyes like Sasuke’s and Niji’s.

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Is Jougan more powerful than Finnegan?

You and I know that Jougan is the Dojutsu from the Otsuki clan. Boruto is blessed with the Jogan by his parents, Naruto (Hypertext0_ Hamura’s Chakra) and Hinata (Hypertext1_ Hagoromo ).

The Jorgan is stronger than Rinnegan, but its true power is yet to be revealed. For now, however, the Rinnegan is stronger. It is best to wait until Rinnegan can reveal its true power, but it will undoubtedly be stronger.

Boruto has only one Jougan.

Boruto may have many reasons. However, he will only keep one Eye. This may be due to his genetics.

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Jogan Boruto’s Eye:

  • 5 Jogan Chakra

The Jogan may also have the ability to experience a phase of the Tenseigan chakra similar to its Tenseigan phase.

Toneri Otsutsuki could use the Tenseigan Chakra mode when he awakened Tenseigan.

We know the Jogan is related to the Tenseigan, but I don’t want events to be burnt here. This is a strong possibility.

  • 4. Time control

This is another potential ability of the Jogan.

Boruto Uzumaki can use this ability to manipulate time and defeat his enemies.

Boruto could also be playing with time in the minds of his opponents, as Itachi Uchiha does with the Tsukuyomi.

Boruto Uzumaki can manipulate time and destroy the mind of any opponent.

It could also refer to time manipulation, such as Izanagi, where Boruto temporarily controls time.

  • 3 Ninjutsu space and time

Another remarkable ability of the Juugans is the space-time Ninjutsu. This means that they can open portals to other dimensions.

This was also shown in one of Boruto Arcs.

They chase Kaki Sumire, Noe and try to escape into another dimension. However, Boruto can follow them.

Boruto may be able to use the same space-time techniques used by Sasuke and can move freely between dimensions. They might also be able to swap places with anyone or anything as Sasuke does.

  • 2 Seeing the path to chakra

The Jougan also has another ability similar to the Byakugan, which is one of the greatest visual abilities ever recorded. The Jogan can see any living creature’s chakra path.

Arc Nui also reveals this ability. Boruto was able to see the chakra system, chakra release points and other information on the body.

Even a small attack on these points can paralyze the opponent’s movements and affect the chakra path.

  • 1 Seeking the weakest part of the body

The Jogan can detect the weakest points in any creature’s body, regardless of whether they are an animal, human or other external entity.

This Eye ability enabled Boruto to fight with some otsuki and defeat Momoshiki in his fight against him in the other dimension, along with Naruto or Sasuke.

I believe this ability is one of my favourite visual abilities. It gives Boruto Uzumaki a good idea of where to attack for him to complete the task quickly.

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Will Himawari have Jougan

She is the youngest person to have this Kekkei Genkai.

She must be a daughter to Naruto, Hinata and a strong woman. So she got Kekkei Genkai.

Who invented boruto jougan

We said that he did not receive the Eye from anyone. He got it because he was the son of Naruto and Hinata, who received the Chakras of Hagoromo & Hamura. Boruto’s eyes are a result of his bloodline.

This is it for today. Thanks for reading.

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