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Kenobi Episode 4 Spoilers | A Shocking Discovery!

Leia escapes Darth Vader’s wrath as the exiled Jedi, but Leia is forced to flee Reva’s clutches. Catch all the Kenobi Episode 4 Spoilers below!

Wednesday’s episode 4 of the live-action Star Wars miniseries was aired on Disney Plus. After nearly being burnt alive in his horrific reunion with Darth Vader ( Hayden Christensen), and Jedi-in-exile Obi-Wan ( Ewan MacGregor), Obi-Wan is now in poor health.

Our hero was able to escape thanks to Tala Durith ( Indira Varma), an Imperial officer, who is secretly helping the Jedi escape Vader’s clutches via an underground railroad called the Path. He will be delighted to learn that the volatile Sith Lord is out.

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Tala and Obi-Wan failed to leave little Princess Leia Organa Vivien Lyra Blair to board the ship that will take her home to Alderaan. She stumbled into the hands of Imperial Inquisitor Reva Moses Ingram, aka the Third Sister. It’s unfortunate that Obi-Wan is the only one who knows Leia to be the Sith Lord’s daughter.

Now is the time to fully immerse yourself in the Force and dive into a galaxy SPOILERS. This show is set around 10 years after Revenge of the Sith, and nine years before A New Hope.

No escape

Obi-Wan rescues Leia from Fortress Inquisitorius, Nur. But Reva, a wily woman, placed a tracker inside the girl’s beloved droid LOLA. It is part of her plan for tracking down the Jedi and Path. This saves her almost from Vader’s wrath.

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This brings us back to the Star Wars movie (AKA Episode IV: A New Hope). Vader uses a similar tactic to allow the Millenium Falcon to lead the Empire to Yavin IV’s hidden rebel base. It makes sense that the Sith Lord would use the same tactic again since the movie is set nine years after the original show.

Leia also recalls the A New Hope movie, reasoning that having an onboard tracker is “the only explanation for their escape.” It seems that the events of this series taught Leia that lesson the hard way.

Stay tuned for more spoilers!

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