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15 King Tutankhamun Facts for Kids

How do ostriches, meteorites, and orthotic sandals relate to the most mysterious mummy? Find out through these amazing facts!

King Tut is among the most intriguing and well-known Egyptian Pharoahs for the right reason! Tutankhamun was alive for around 2300 years ago and was able to accomplish a lot before his mysterious, untimely death. Find out more about this incredible ancient King!

Do you want to know more about the past? Explore these incredible Ancient King Tutankhamun Facts, this Indian history quiz, or even check how you can recognize the important individuals from the past!

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King Tutankhamun Facts for Kids

1. The cause of his death remains a mystery

Despite being among the most studied mummies of all time, the historians aren’t sure exactly what happened to the Boy King came to his grisly end. We know that it happened unexpectedlyunexpectedly and occurred at the young age of 18, but we’re not certain beyond that. He may have been involved with a chariot accident, contracted infected… and killed!

2. The baby was named Tutankhaten!

According to Ancient Egyptians, his first name was Tutankhaten – – or “the living image of Aten,” according to Ancient Egyptians. Aten was one of the Suns God worshipped at the period, but as the young King was old enough, He changed his religion and named himself an alternative God, Amun. This meant that Tutankhamun was now the “living symbol of Amun” instead.

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3. His tomb was quite small.

The Pharoahs were all about massive and extravagant tombs. What else can you do to ensure you’re in good spirits when you die? There’s a reason for that, or another (remember the sudden death of Tutankhamun). Tutankhamun’s burial was in very small tombs carved into the floor of the valley, but not in a massive pyramid-like his parents. There is a possibility that his successor buried him there against his will after his death, or perhaps more interestingly, there could even be hidden parts of Tutankhamun’s tomb that we haven’t found yet!

4. He owned a second-hand coffin

The other coffins were second-hand ones! Since, like the other Pharoahs were buried in a succession of coffins that fit one another, as if they were the shape of a Russian doll. Egyptologists think the middle was designed to honor Tutankhamun’s successor Neferneferuaten – – a Pharoah that we don’t know anything about. What happened to Tutankhamun after being placed in his grave is unknown.

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5. He loved hunting ostriches

Ostriches were a specialty of those of the Ancient Egyptians, and lots of hunting equipment for ostriches were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun. In addition to being a source of entertainment for the elite, hunting ostrich was a good way to practice fighting. A fan of ostrich feathers displayed the image of King during a hunting trip, and it’s even possible that it was an accident from one of those trips which ended in his death.

6. He was not a person with a heart.

There was a time when the Ancient Egyptians believed that it was essential to preserve the entire mummy’s internal organs because they’d require them for the afterlife. When Tutankhamun’s corpse was examined, it was discovered that the scarab amulet rather than the heart! It is possible because the young prince had died in a faraway place, and his heart was not sufficiently fresh when it arrived at the undertaker. The heart may have been stolen or simply lost it! We may never be able to tell.

7. He had a huge knife collection

Tutankhamun was buried in an impressive set of daggers for ritual use. They were all made of gold; however, the most striking is made of iron. In the past, working using iron was a difficult skill, and the blade may have been brought by someone from Egypt. Iron was a rare commodity, and the sole source in the period was meteorites from space!

8. The trumpets of Tutankhamun started WW2

It’s not true, but certain people believe they were! There is a legend that has the trumpet used in the ceremony of Pharoah can initiate conflicts because they were employed in the battle. The trumpets of Tutankhamun were featured on a BBC radio show in 1939. Soon after, WW2 broke out… is it a coincidence? Or is it the curse of the Pharoah?

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9. His coffin is extremely important

The coffins’ outer shells comprised wood coated with silver leaf (and the second one wasn’t even his), but the coffin inside was made of solid gold! Just the weight of gold alone is more than PS1 million! Of course, the main worth of the coffin lies in the historical significance that cannot be put a value on.

10. He was full of cool things!

His tomb was filled with more than 5000 pieces of antique treasure! It contained statues, gold, chariots, paintings… as well as models of boats!

11. King Tut’s sandals

He even had a pair of sandals that he buried in his grave. Naturally, he’ll need shoes after death; However, the fascinating thing about his shoes was that they featured designs of his enemies on their soles! Therefore, wherever he went, was stamped on them!

12. There’s more on the sandals…

We didn’t expect to find two facts from his sandals! They were specifically made to fit his foot! It’s true; Tutankhamun was slightly disabled and needed to walk using the aid of a walking stick. His sandals are an early example of orthotic footwear!

13. He was married to his half-sister

It’s a bit odd to us, but it was quite normal back in the day. Today, we know that this behavior can cause genetic health issues that the young King suffered from. Yeesh.

14. After his demise…

It is that his political advisers became hostile to him and attempted to hide the fact that he existed. The Pharoah named after him has changed the names of many of Tutankhamun’s tombs!

15. A curse for Tutankhamun

The posh English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1923; he chose to do even though he was warned that opening it could upset Pharaoh’s spirit. Years old Pharoah. But he went ahead regardless. But shortly after it was done, the primary person who funded the trip mysteriously passed away.

And then, 3 others were involved in the trip. Could this be the punishment of Tutankhamun? Many believed so! Carter himself passed away 16 years later, and some believed that this was too long for it to be a factor in the curse. But, it’s not like 16 years, even if you’ve died more than 3000 years long ago!

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