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Latest patch notes multiversus season 1 August 2022

Warner Bros and Player First Games have published Player First Games and Warner Bros have released Season 1 full-patch notes for MultiVersus, a colorful character brawler and confirms Season 1’s free character rotation as well as the release date of the character that has been delayed Morty Smith, as well as numerous adjustments to balance and bug fixes.

Starting today, Season 1’s new character rotation for free will allow players to fight in the role of Batman, Arya Stark, LeBron James as well as “Steven”. I’m aware that this is specifically Steven Universe but there’s something genuinely funny about the sight of “Steven” sitting alongside Batman in the announcement of the playable heroes.

These patch notes reveal the new release date of Morty Smith. Smith’s entry to the multiplayer game has been delayed due to the delay in Season 1’s release date from the initially scheduled release date of august 9. Then, Morty will be stammering through MultiVersus on August 23rd equipped, naturally with the Plumbus.

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Latest patch notes for multiversus season 1 August 2022


Morty is from Rick Morty from Rick Morty Will be MultiVersus its first brand new character and will be released on August. 23. He will join Batman and LeBron James, the game’s most recent brawler. At some point before the end of season 1 MultiVersus will also receive Rick (taken from Rick and Morty), Black Adam from DC Comics, and Stripe from Gremlins.


MultiVersus is a no-cost game which requires players to unlock characters through real money or game currency to play. Every 2 weeks Player First Games gives players access to a rotating roster of characters that are free to play on a short-term basis. Season 1 will begin the first phase of this roster for free, and players will be able to gain the option of Arya, Batman, LeBron James and Steven Universe.


MultiVersus includes an exclusive battle pass packed with cosmetics that players can upgrade and unlock by fulfilling missions. Based on feedback from the preseason, Player First Games has implemented a few changes to season 1 to make specific assignments easier to complete. For instance, the sole class-based task (i.e. getting the required number of wins using the character of a mage) will no longer be available in the daily game. This is only the case for characters that tank, as every player has permanent accessibility to Wonder Woman via the tutorial.

Although it is less critical daily, Player First Games has also drastically reduced the need for numerous seasons-long missions.


After just a few weeks of the preseason, Player First Games has introduced significant changes to many players, limiting those who have proved to be too powerful with players’ hands, while improving those who are not performing.

Every character in the game’s 17 has experienced some form of change in the patch Monday. Superstars such as Velma, Bugs Bunny, and Superman received a variety of nerfs while less powerful characters like Arya and Taz were mostly given buffs. The notes on the patch (which are available in all their entirety below) allow you to follow your favorite characters’ changes simple with particular symbolisms (+,-,~) for buffs, nerfs and neutral modifications.

Below is the complete list of patches notes and descriptions for MultiVersus season 1.


  • Morty will arrive on August 23! He’ll be our first character to wear a Plumbus!
  • The patch will be available in two sections. The first is scheduled for August 15 , and the second one will come soon after (hopefully within over the coming days). There will not be every change however, the majority will occur in the patch of August 15.

New Free Character Rotation (8/15 – 8/30)

  • Arya
  • Batman
  • LeBron
  • Steven

Meta Systems

  • These characters now sport icons in the nature select menu to help identify them
  • Battle Pass XP match rewards increased to 10 on losses and wins increased from 5 for wins and 3 losses.
  • Disabled classes based Battle Pass missions other than for Tanks
  • Developer Note: Because players may not be able to fight in certain classes apart from Tank (thanks to the popularity of Wonder Woman), we thought that using rerolls was not an effective way to overcome those missions.
  • Reduced the requirements for a variety of seasonal missions:
  • Ringout a player at to the very top 50 time (previously 75)
  • Ring out a player on the other side of the road 50 instances (previously 75)
  • Ringout a player at the lower part of the screen 50 instances (previously 75)
  • Receive 50 aids (previously 125)

General Perks

  • Clean The Air – Improved congruity on the perk effect.
  • We’re aware of the issues with the interaction between this perk’s Velma’s speech bubbles as well as Batman’s Batarang. We’ll address these issues in a later patch.
  • Make it Rain, Dog! The speed of projectiles is now appropriately applied to throwable objects.
  • Painted Target – Corrected an issue in which projectiles weren’t applying bonus damage
  • Retaliation ready – reduced grey health by 3HP for three seconds, then reduced to one HP after 3 secs.
  • Gray health of stacked stacks reduced between 4HP and 3 secs to just 2 HP
  • The School Me One Time… The game has improved reliability of the projectile block that spawns. Importantly, being struck by Jerry will now trigger an buff to the projectile block.
  • Slippery when Feint – Corrected an issue that caused evade distance was not increased when hit cancels
  • Snowball Effect – Fixed an issue in which projectiles weren’t causing bonuses to damage
  • Static Electricity: Increased the consistency of electric damage projectile application. It is not a problem – objects thrown are now able to apply electricity

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Gameplay Systems:

  • Ice Debuff – Speed of movement slow for 1 stack decreased from 20 percent to 15 percent
  • Slow has now a linear scaling with every layer of Ice Debuff
  • Fixed a bug that meant fighters who were affected with Ice Debuff took additional knockback
  • Ability Cooldowns – fixed a bug that caused cooldowns to not be appropriately activated when used close to an all-star Jake

Gameplay Modes:

  • FFA – Fixed a glitch that caused pop-ups to display an incorrect point value.


  • Announcer Pack – You are able to test a character’s announcement pack now before you decide to purchase it.


  • Various Bug Fixes –
  • Correction for tutorials that cause dangers on the stage to be turned off in different game modes.
  • Down spike instruction has been modified so that it will require an actual spike instead of an aerial strike.
  • The reindog tether part of the intro tutorial no longer applies in the event that you have to draw your ally inside after they’ve been expelled.
  • Correction fix for Shaggy sliding off the ground as part of the aerial battle demonstration.
  • A wall was added in the second section in this KBI tutorial.

Glossary and Terms:

  • New Terms
  • The dictionary has been updated to include wall Fatigue into the dictionary.
  • Add the words Block Hazard, Block and wipe to our dictionary. updated the list of moves accordingly.



+ = Buff

– = Nerf

~ = Change

Note: Attacks callouts reference default controls.


The purpose of these modifications was to help Arya’s combos more reliable and effective with lower skill levels.

  • + Special Ground Up/Air/Air feature A fighter’s hit will now launch them from an angle that will allow follow-ups to Arya
  • and + Up Attack. The initial hit will now more precisely mix into the second.
  • + Neutral Air Attack – Now is branching earlier on the hit.
  • and Ground Side Attack Arya will not lose velocity after the first strike of side attack.
  • + Ground Down Attack It now has an earlier branching of dodge
  • air/ground Neutral Special – Corrected a bug that caused Arya to not duplicate hitboxes from her capsules during her usual neutral attack while stealing the face of a fighter.
  • Make Arya’s hurtbox be similar to her victim’s, while she disguises herself as them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Arya’s top-most UI was off-center when she stole faces.
  • Fixed bug that caused Arya’s hitbox to attack disguise might become disconnected.
  • Fixed bug in which Arya’s original hitboxes were able to be used in disguise attacks.
  • Fixed bug that caused the hitboxes that Arya’s disguise uses could remain active even in her regular attacks.


  • Ground/Air Side Special – Correction of bug that Batman could overshoot his grapple location if the player who he was grappling to dodge.
  • I have increased the distance of overshooting when grappling with an all-time ally.
  • Fixed Batman grapple fails in short distances, even under high latency
  • — Ground Side Attack – First hit was followed by the whiff for 3 frames.
  • air/ground Neutral attack (coming in patch 2.) The batarang’s pick-up will be returning 9.45s of cooldown from 11.55s. This modification creates an opening when the batarang is used to allow opponents to respond. With benefits such as Coffeezilla that cause the cooldown to become shorter, we thought that this change was essential to provide a counter-play against the batarang.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a bit too secure in all that he does. We’ve added some whiff windows to deal with this.

  • Aer Up Special – Resolved an issue where Bugs could trigger two rockets.
  • • Air Side Special – Fixed an issue where Bugs could launch two rockets.
  • — Air/Ground Neutral Special – Fixed an issue where Bugs could create multiple safes, without activating his cooldown.
  • Safe HP cut by 14 from 16.
  • * Air Down Special – Bugs that were previously tunnels will disappear when making new tunnels.
  • – Air Up Attack
  • The addition of 4 frame of whiff recovery.
  • • Air Side Attack – Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • — Air Neutral Attack – Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • Ground Down Attack The maximum lifetime for pie is set at 8 seconds, starting from infinity.
  • Pie is no longer needed to slow


Fighting against Finn seemed too challenging because Finn was a bit secure and was able to throw out attacks with no fear of being punished because of how quickly the recovery process was. Hurt/Hit box foundational updates will be expected to be out soon, but won’t be included part of this version.

  • Passive – Attacks impacted through Attack Decay no longer spawn coins
  • Finn is now spawning with 100 gold, instead of 200.
  • Plus Air Down Special – Fixed an issue that the gem needed 200 gold to spawn however, it only cost 100 gold to create. Gem now requires 100
  • — Air Side Special – Added an additional whiff recovery.
  • Ground/Air Up Special Reducing the force of the vacuum impact on the backpack
  • The weaker hits from the backpack won’t “overwrite” stronger knockbacks from other attacks
  • Whiffing on every hit will be able to drop coins.
  • The whiff was added to the recovery.
  • Hitboxes must be better matched to the attacks (not ideal until our planned harm/hit box overhaul)
  • • Air Side Attack – Reduced active frames to limit Finn’s power to strike opponents behind him.
  • It is a Ground Down Attack – The distance Finn covers when using this attack has increased with how much charged the attack is.
  • — Ground Side Attack – Increased whiff recovery on one hit.
  • Plus On The House perk – Resolved an issue in which Finn was still spending gold on gems created by the perk
  • A little slower launch speed of gems that are spawned by this perk. This should resolve issues that were created when this perk was paired together with “Make it Rain, Dog!” perk


  • + air/ground Neutral Special – The song’s activation begins earlier in frame 12 instead of frame 30.
  • Ground/Air Down Special – Fixed bug that caused Garnet was blocked by the collision of Iron Giant when she moved with her Down Special.
  • + Air Neutral Attack – Slightly more knockback at the base


  • “Stuffie” Bat – Harley Bomb vfx shrunk to match the blast radius
  • + Weight + Weight 44.

Iron Giant

  • • VFX • Global fighter VFX is now better than Iron Giant’s dimensions without rendering the screen too busy. Some notable adjustments comprise Projectile Block buff Speed Boost buff and Steven Bubble buff
  • Ground/Air Down Special – Resolved an issue that caused VFX trails would continue to persist and fill the screen
  • No longer able to use the cannonball attacks when you are not in specials in the air.
  • Knockback angle was changed to move fighters further horizontally far away towards Iron Giant.
  • Fixed bugs that permitted indefinitely bounces on enemies close to the ground
  • • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Gray Health by activation is reduced from 2 HP + #bolts HP over 5 seconds, to just #bolts HP lasting 3 seconds
  • Gray Health from ally overlap reduced from 5 HP over 5 second to only 3 HP after 3 seconds
  • Ground Forward Special Iron Giant Grabs can be adequately prevented by states that are incompatible.
  • air Up Attack – Can no longer hit the same target several times
  • — Air Neutral Attack – Final knockback angle for hit was modified to move fighters vertically, far away Iron Giant
  • The knockback scale is increasing.
  • Ground Up Attack Gray Health from scrap reduced from 3 HP for 5 seconds to 2 HP for 3 seconds
  • Allies who consume scrap take over any gray health that they might have from the consumption of scrap
  • Ground Forward Attack Fixed decay of attack that is not activating for every elements of the forward attack combo
  • Ground Down Attack Gray health benefits from art decreased in 3 second intervals from 6 HP to 10 HP.


  • • Air Down Attack – Removed instantly canceling out the attack in order to stop skateboard infinity
  • Don’t have to bounce off allies anymore
  • “(ground) Up Attack Additional whiff recovery Slightly later cancellation window to make it more committing

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  • • Ground/Air Side Special – LeBron’s solo dunk does not cause an explosion to the ground.
  • The alley-oop version of LeBron’s Dunk generates an arc of shock and launches athletes into the blast. The shockwave can launch fighters into a devastating final blow which applies a weakened debuff.
  • Hitbox size increased
  • Corrected a glitch where LeBron could sink himself in the air
  • Ground and Air Down Special (No Ball) Adjusted to block ball spam
  • + Air Side Attack – Branches earlier after hitting the hitbox; fix for crashing in front of him too often
  • and Air Neutral Attack – Branches earlier after hitting to boost combo possibilities.
  • Repair for ball neutral air that branches into ball neutral air that is not ball.
  • * Ground Side Attackor Down Attack – Ground Side Attack/ Down Attack – Disabled the shared attack decay of sides attack as well as down attack
  • + Ground Side Attack – 3 hit combos hit more consistently.
  • Ground Neutral Attack fixed angle attack.
  • Basketball – Resolved specific team colors that can be seen when reflecting LeBron basketball.
  • Corrected an issue that LeBron could get stuck in a position of attacking without his ball despite playing with his ball.
  • The Hot Hands perk – If an ally is caught by a no-look pass when using the hot Hands perk is activated with a basketball pass buff, it emits flames that signal allies they’ll throw an igniting basketball


  • Plus Air Up Special Removed hitpause on ally who toss Reindog at the time Reindog hits in ball form
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special Cooldown increased by 14s from 13s
  • Plus Air-Up Attack Hitbox size increased


Shaggy’s Side Special felt a little too lenient, so we’ve added some Whiff Recovery.

  • — Rage Air Side Special – Recovery was increased by two frames; now, it is more compatible with Rage ground side special
  • The issue was resolved so that Shaggy could be able to perform two rage-themed specials
  • + Rage Ground Down Special – Shaggy’s shockwave can launch players into an ultimate strike that will grant Weakened debuff.
  • Ground/Air Side Special added 4 frame of whiff recovery


  • Ground Down Special – The cooldown for Watermelon Steven’s ability begins when the Watermelon Steven character is called out.
  • Corrected a glitch where Watermelon Steven could be spawned inside ceilings and get stuck.
  • • Air Neutral Attack – No longer will animations hitch.
  • VO/SFX – Corrected an issue with Steven’s intro vocal lines failed to play.
  • The Taunt feature was fixed – This fix an issue in which Steven could only do his taunt up.


  • Ground Neutral Attack A second whiff recovery was added.
  • Ground Up Attack Additional whiff recovery.
  • Ground Down Special Additional whiff recovery.


This marks the beginning of our changes to the tornado for Taz. We will continue to observe the tornado, with greater scrutiny in case further changes are required.

  • Chicken Debuff –
  • Corrected a problem that allowed transformed fighters to receive buffs that did not show visually after returning to their standard form.
  • Chicken duration reduced between 10 and
  • + The size of the chicken.
  • + Ground Down and Air Special – Adjusted movement of projectiles direction of Taz projectiles spit so that they are more inward, and less of an air large lob.
  • + If Taz shoots a projectile towards a combatant the shell will continue to travel at its initial speed.
  • * Air or Ground Neutral Special If Taz consumes a projectile which cannot be spit out Taz will recharge a number of his core apple ability.
  • A more enormous hit collision in the case of Taz eating projectiles from his particular neutral. It also allowed him to eat pellets several frames earlier.
  • Taz gives one stack of weakened debuff each time he chews an opponent.
  • Fixed a flaw that allowed moving on the ground after eating an adversary fighter
  • Special Ground Up/Air Reduced damage by 10 to 9, and base knockback decreased by 1500-1350
  • Correction of a problem in which enemy fighters were vulnerable to the battle cloud after avoiding it.
  • Side Special for Air/Ground This is now a cooldown move with a cooldown of 7 seconds. When the cooldown is in effect Side Special is a less powerful version that of tornado.
  • Full power tornado is 1.5 second duration. It also has an additional one second of time when it passes an alligator.
  • On cooldown , tornado is 0.25 second duration. It also doesn’t gain any additional time when passing an alligator.
  • And Ground Up attack This is now a two-hit assault. The initial combo of hits leads to the sandwich clap

Tom And Jerry

  • + Tom And Jerry – Dynamite now includes projectile perk effects.
  • The Air Normal Attacks – Corrected an issue that prevented Tom Jerry and Jerry from making regular attacks after exceeding the Air Special limit.
  • — Air Up Special – Fixed an issue in which Jerry would be hit frame active when falling off the rocket


  • • Air Side Special – Reduced moving distance.
  • The distance traveled prior was a factor in giving Velma additional recovery , which was not the intention.
  • Air Up Special Reduced Weakening stacks of 3 to 2.
  • It is no longer possible to chain to Air Down Attack as easily to stop the quick application of the damage.
  • Ground Side Special – Gray health reduced between 12HP and 6 HP over 3 seconds.
  • – Air Down Attack – Increased Recovery
  • The Air Side Attack – Added whiff recovery
  • Ground/Air Neutral Attack Corrected issues with word bubbles that would pass through Bugs Tunnels.
  • Reducing ammo count from 4 to 3.
  • Ammo return reduced from 11 to 10.
  • Weight – Weight loss from 60 to 63.
  • Information Is Power perk – Reduced gray health from 7 HP for 5 seconds to 3 HP for 3 seconds

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Wonder Woman

  • + Air/Ground Neutral Special – Reduced cooldown by 12s from 13s
  • Plus Ground Side Special – Projectile Shield will be released earlier in order to be more responsive toincoming projectiles.
  • The Air Up Attack Hurtbox will now be more in line with the animation.
  • + Weight + Weight to 76
  • • Shield of Athena Signature Perk Scale of projectile adjustable to suit shield to Shield of Athena signature perk to be able to cover an edge case in which projectiles could pass over it in the dodge.

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