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Lennes Rise Elden Ring| How To Get Into Lenne’s Rise With The Elden Ring

This is how you can enter Lenne’s Rise sealed tower within Elden Ring in order to obtain another Memory Stone.

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Towers are considered locations within Elden Ring. These towers can be found all over the Lands Between. Seluvis’s Rise and Renna’s Rise can sometimes be found together, as well as Ranni’s Rise in Three Sisters. Lenne’s Rise is the only one that exists in Dragonbarrow.

Lenne’s Rise entrance, like Renna’s Rise Elden Ring, is also blocked by an invisible spell. However, Renna’s tower is unlockable after completing Ranni’s questline. Lenne’s Rise, however, doesn’t seem like it will open regardless of what players do.

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Lenne’s Rise Location In Elden Ring

Lenne’s Rise can be found in Dragonbarrow, northeast Camelid. Lenne’s Rise is still accessible for players who have just completed Elden Ring. However, they will need to go through some difficult steps. This requires that you complete D, the Hunter of the Dead story quest.

After getting a death root from a Tibia mariner boss in Elden Ring, present it to D, Hunter of the Dead, in Roundtable Hold. His red mark will be placed on the map. Teleport to the closest location (Third Church of Marika), and then follow the red line until you reach a gateway. It can be used to teleport you to Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow (northwest Camelid).

To ride southeast, ignore the Black Blade Kindred boss at the entrance. There are two bridges from here, one is guarded by a dragon so you should avoid it.

Continue to the southeast until you reach the second bridge. This route is safer and will take you directly to Lenne’s Rise Site for Lost Grace. Be careful as there are many poison traps along that road. Then cross the bridge and light the bonfire.

The first bridge can be used by Tarnished if they don’t wish to be Poisoned. Flying Dragon Greyll guards it. Wait for the dragon to turn around and then ride along its legs using Torrent. Continue forward until you are presented with two options. The left-hand path is the best, and then you can jump off the small cliff. Lenne’s Rise is down there.

How to Get into Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring

Lenne’s Rise is only accessible by jumping from the Spirit Spring to its balcony. Stand in the Spirit Spring and face the balcony. Then, jump towards the rooftop or the edge to reach it. Simply descend to the balcony if players land on Lenne’s Rise roof and then enter the tower.

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Lenne’s Rise only has one enemy: Arcane Sphere Of Faces. It isn’t dangerous as it doesn’t have any deadly attacks or moves. It can be ignored, and players can walk up to the chest. It also contains a Memory Stone that will increase Tarnished’s spell slots by 1.

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