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Lights Facts | The Independent Moviemaker – Guide to Lights

How will you do if you’re on the scene and someone is looking to have a baby? Call your sister-in-law and ask her to bring the baby? Before you make that phone call, you might want to read more.

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It’s that everything on a film set is given a name from thin air, and the Lights Facts are the same. The first time I was on stage was a tremendous learning experience. I understood the names of lighting equipment and lights. The problem was that there wasn’t this reference to film lighting to help me master the terms of lighting equipment employed in filmmaking. I created a TikTok about it, and it was a massive success despite the fact that I did not purchase TikTok shares for it.

Lights Facts | Basic Lighting Terms

  • Fresnel is a light that can be focused that can change anywhere from the light source to flood at the turning of a knob.
  • Barn Doors – the traditional black doors that are on the exterior of a light that is designed to shape the light.
  • Scrim is a round wire mesh screen similar to the ones you’d find on a door screen. They are used to reduce the brightness of lighting by half or even full stops.
  • Snoot is a device that is placed in the front of the light to produce a narrow thin beam.
  • A daylight-balanced light bulb that needs the ballast. Ideal for outdoor use.
  • The basic Incandescent Closing-face Lights
  • Midget – As its name suggests that this 200-watt fresnel light is compact and suitable for tight space.
  • Between This is a 300-watt fresnel light. It’s a light that’s small commonly used for lighting back or kicker.
  • Inbetweenie The 100/200 watt Fresnel light is commonly employed as a backlight. The light is usually suspended over an existing set.
  • Tweenie It is a fresnel 650 watt light which is commonly used as a main light or as a backlight. It’s a medium-sized light.
  • Baby -Respectfully to your sister-in-law This is a 1000 watt light that is among the mainstays of cinema. The light is surprisingly lightweight and movable.
  • Junior The light is the 2000-watt fresnel lamp which is standard on all film sets. It’s larger than a baby. The light is quite powerful for a piece of small lighting equipment.
  • Senior – This light is commonly known as 5K. The name implies that it’s a 5,000-watt. Large (14 inches wide) and strong, this light is typically used in film productions with large lighting requirements.
  • Tener The light is often called the 10K. With a power output of 10,000 watts, this light is among the biggest guns on the market. The process of moving and mounting this giant typically requires two people.

Lightweight Cousins

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  • Baby Baby is a 1,000-watt quartz light, which is smaller than the typical baby. Perfect for hanging, this light is very versatile in the set.
  • Baby Junior 2000 watt light from Fresnel is the lighter version of the traditional junior light.
  • Baby Senior – Another 5K light with 5,000 watts that is designed to provide greater portability when contrasted to the typical 5K.

Lights that are Open-Faced Lights

  • Teenie is the 650 watt light, which is commonly utilized in TV.
  • Teenie Weenie – This light that is open-faced can be aimed at a single spot or flood. It’s small and can be held by hand in case of need.
  • Mickey It is an open-faced light with a power of 1000 watts. It’s small and easy to focus on.
  • Mighty This is an open-faced 2000 watt light. It is quite powerful for a light that costs a lot.
  • Softlite It is a great light to create a wide soft light. It’s shaped like a scoop, with the light shining upwards on a mirror surface in order to get rid of shadows that are hard to remove.


  • Joker – 200W HMI light.

Although this list is definitely not exhaustive, These were the lighting fixtures that were most frequently used on the sets on which I worked.


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